The Dutch handball players wrote history at the World Cup in Japan on Friday with a win over Norway. The team of national coach Emmanuel Mayonnade was already certain of the second round. Follow all responses here.

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World Cup handball · one minute ago

Handbalsters book at World Cup historical victory over angstgegner Norway

World Cup handball · 2 minutes ago

58 'She had a difficult first half, but after the break, Tess Wester ruled in her goal. The goalkeeper of Orange only passed nine times after the break and stands out with beautiful saves. Orange leads 30-27.

World Cup handball · 6 minutes ago

55 'Another goal from Polman! Orange leads 30-27. A sensation seems to be in the making at the World Cup in Japan.

World Cup handball · 7 minutes ago

54 'Norway brings the margin back to one point when the Dutch run out again via Snelder: 29-27. For the first time since 1999, the Dutch have managed to beat Norway again?

World Cup handball · 9 minutes ago

53 'She didn't score until the break, but after the break, Estavana Polman is in a good mood. With her third goal, she scores 28-26.

World Cup handball · 10 minutes ago

52 'Polman scores and makes it 27-25. That's a good thing too, because Norway scores directly in the counter-strike. The Orange team still leads 27-26.

World Cup handball · 12 minutes ago

51 'Ahead for the Orange! Lois Abbingh makes it 26-25 with her fifth goal.

World Cup handball · 15 minutes ago

48 'Via Martine Smeets it is the same again. Can the Orange take a lead today for the first time?

Handball World Cup · 16 minutes ago

47 'Norway is briefly in a surplus situation and takes full advantage of it. The Norwegian women lead again with 24-25.

World Cup handball · 17 minutes ago

46 'Norway scores, but the Netherlands responds at lightning speed via Polman: 24-24.

World Cup handball · 18 minutes ago

The panic strikes slightly with Norway, which requires a timeout after Snelder's equalizer.

Handball World Cup · 21 minutes ago

43 'It is the same again in Kumamoto! Snelder hits the spot and makes it 23-23.

Handball World Cup · 23 minutes ago

41 'Jessy Kramer! With her fourth goal, she makes it 22-23.

Handball World Cup · 24 minutes ago

40 'It took a while, but Estavana Polman is also on the scoreboard with a hit. Norway still leads 21-23.

Handball World Cup · 27 minutes ago

The Orange team holds the difference of 20-22 on two points.

World Cup handball · 28 minutes ago

36 'Norway scores, but via Dulfer, the Orange responds at lightning speed: 19-21.

Handball World Cup · 29 minutes ago

35 'And there is Snelder again, who makes it 18-20. Will the Dutch team succeed in reducing the margin to one goal?

Handball World Cup · 32 minutes ago

33 'With a seven meter shot, Abbingh hits the 17-19 in the goal. Orange certainly does not give in yet.

Handball World Cup · 33 minutes ago

32 'Norway brings the margin to four goals, but a few seconds later Dulfer manages to make the difference smaller again: 16-19.

Handball World Cup · 34 minutes ago

31 'Snelder scores the first goal after the break. With 15-18 the difference is again three points.

Handball World Cup · 36 minutes ago

31 'The players are back on the pitch and the second half starts. Norway leads with 14-18.

Handball World Cup · 43 minutes ago

With four goals, Abbingh is the top scorer on behalf of the Netherlands in this match. The Orange team has to work hard after the break to not lose to Norway.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

30 'The last goal from the first half is made by the Orange team via Abbingh. The Netherlands and Norway are going to rest with a 14-18 score.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

30 'Norway comes on and brings the margin to five goals. Just before half time there is a 13-18 score on the scoreboard.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

29 'And another goal for Norway, which again has a four point lead. It stands 13-17.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

28 'Snelder misses and from the counter-strike Norway manages to score: 13-16.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

27 'The answer from the Norwegian women is not delayed. With 13-15 the difference is again two points.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

27 'Faster! With her first goal today, she makes it 13-14.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

25 'With a nice shot through the ground, Malestein reduced the difference to two goals: 12-14. Orange is still alive.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

A worried face with national coach Emmanuel Mayonnade, who sees his team lag behind Norway.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

22 'With another underhand shot from Kramer, the Orange comes back to 10-13.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

21 'Freriks pulls out and makes the difference slightly smaller: 9-13.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

20 'With her third goal, Lois Abbingh makes it 8-13.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

19 'At the moment there is no stopping for Orange, which itself lacks too many opportunities. Norway continues to score and takes a 7-12 lead.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

18 'Orange hits the bar and Norway strikes twice at lightning speed. The difference is again four points: 7-11.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

17 'Little by little, the Orange comes in better. Kramer is surprising and narrows the deficit to 7-9.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

15 'With a nice private shot Abbingh makes it 6-9.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

13 'Van der Heijden sets the good example for the Orange team and does make a point. With the 5-9 she scores her third goal of the day.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

13 'Polman misses and Norway benefits - twice, from a counter strike: 4-9.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

11 'Problems for Orange. Via Herrem, norway runs out to 4-7. National coach Mayonnade requests a timeout.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

9 'Norway scores twice in quick succession and leads with two goals difference: 4-6.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

7 'With her second goal, Laura van der Heijden makes it 4-4.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

5 'Norway leads with 3-4. On behalf of the Orange Lois Abbing, Debbie Bont and Laura van der Heijden score.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

3 'The goals are scored at a tremendous rapid pace. After three minutes there is already a 3-3 score on the scoreboard.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

1 'The match starts and a few seconds later, Norway already opens the score: 0-1.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

The Norwegian handball players played no less than 21 finals in major tournaments and finished second at the last World Cup. Norway is considered the most successful handball team in history. A nice test for the Dutch handball players.

World Cup handball · one hour ago

If the Netherlands beat Norway today, it will take the two points to the next round. Because Serbia is already through and the Netherlands won from that country, the Dutch are already sure of two points in the second round.

World Cup handball · 2 hours ago

Prior to the final match with Norway, this is the position in the Orange squad:

  • Norway 4-8 (141-85)
  • The Netherlands 4-8 (148-106)
  • Serbia 5-6 (155-143)
  • Angola 5-4 (150-151)
  • Slovenia 5-4 (142-150)
  • Cuba 5-0 (122-223)
  • World Cup handball · 3 hours ago

    Estavana Polman is preparing for the last group match of the World Cup, against Norway at 12.30 this afternoon.

    Matchday the Netherlands - Norway NL time 12:30 💪🏻 #letsgo #liveonziggosport

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