Yesterday, captain of the bicycle team, Youssef Mirza, won the gold medal of the individual individual race for a distance of 165 km, at the end of the Arab Road Cycling Championship that was held in Alexandria.

The Emirates star's victory came after strong competition in the last stage of the race, with the Libyan cyclist Alaa Al-Kazzi, who won a summer, and won the silver medal, and the Algerian Hamza Yassin, who won the bronze medal.

The national team, which includes the stars Yusuf Mirza, Muhammad Al-Mansoori, Jaber Al-Mansoori, Saif Mayouf, Walid Al-Naqbi, Khaled Mayouf and Ahmed Al-Mansoori, confirmed his technical potential, and won the gold medal for the team's rankings.

With these results, the balance of the bicycle team rose to eight colored medals (five golds, two silver and one bronze), ranking second in the overall ranking of the championship, which was issued by the Algerian national team with 16 medals (seven golds), while the Egyptian team ranked third with 10 medals, including Three golds.

On the other hand, the junior team appeared at a distinguished level, and the surprise of the championship was after winning two gold and one silver medals through its promising star Mohamed Al-Mutaiwi, who gave the Emirates the gold medal to the individual individual, and the silver individual against the clock, and his victory with future stars Abdullah Jassem Saif and Saeed Khadim Al-Muhairi and Zayed Sultan in the team gold for the individual singles race.

The talented female national team player, Safia Mokhtar Al-Sayegh, succeeded in proving her presence and standing among more female players than in other teams, remarkably excelling in the championship races, achieving gold and silver victory in the overall female individual race, and her emergence at an advanced level indicating that she is going with fast and confident steps, to be One of the best players on the Arab and continental levels.

Al Zarouni: The achievement is a result of the efforts of the champions and technical apparatus

Head of the Emirates Bicycle Mission in the tournament, Abdul Karim Al Zarouni, praised the achievement and results achieved by the Emirati children in the tournament, and their emergence at an advanced level, confirmed their good readiness and keenness to achieve results that confirm the position of Emirates bikes among the distinguished teams.

He said in press statements: “The results achieved are a result of the efforts made by men and women, technical directives from the technical staff, which includes Badr Mirza, Mahdi Aziz, Sharif Abdullah and Rana Hillani, and administrative and technical follow-up from Muath Al-Mansoori, Hussein Mal Allah, Ahmed Mayouf and Michael Reyes And John Paul, under the supervision of the National Teams Committee, and the care and support of the Federation's Board of Directors, everyone has worked with the spirit of one team, so that the outcome is wonderful and honorable, and I can only extend my sincere thanks to all ».


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