Contract with professional baseball / Seibu Mehia also for the coming season

Professional baseball Seibu signed a contract for the next season with 100 million yen, which is a significant down of 400 million yen from 500 million yen this season, presumably with Mehia player who has concluded the contract for 3 years.

Mehia played at 75 games this season with a batting average of 20%, 1 minute, and 6 home runs, all in his sixth year in Japan.

Even so, at the end of the season when the league was won, he saved the team in a timely manner to decide on three more games.

Seibu has announced that it has signed a contract for the next season with Mehia, whose contract for three years has ended, for an estimated ¥ 100 million, a significant drop of ¥ 400 million from ¥ 500 million this season.

In addition, a variety of changes from Corey Spanjenburg and Triple A team under Mariners, who played 129 games 2 years ago in the major leagues and had a batting average of 20: 6: 4, 13 home runs He also announced that the ball has won the pitcher Sean Norin, a good left pitcher.

In addition, in order to raise the level of the infielder's player base, Hanshin was taken out of the power, and 31-year-old Yuto Morikoshi who participated in the 12-team joint tryout was acquired.