Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola does not want to think about the Premier League title for the time being. The Spaniard believes that the reigning champion should first of all focus on himself.

"Given the backlog of Liverpool, it would be crazy to think of the title," Guardiola referred to the difference of eleven loss points with the seemingly inaccessible leader on Tuesday.

"All we have to do is think of ourselves and approach it from match to match. It would be stupid to just watch Liverpool. Our team is stable and that is what we want."

Guardiola could nevertheless not cynically respond to all the stories in the English media at the press conference after the end of the away match against Burnley won 1-4 that the battle for the title would already have been decided in favor of Liverpool.

"We can forget the title. Judging from what I read everywhere, nobody gives us another chance. It is over," he said, shrugging, after which he couldn't hide a big grimace on his face.

The players of Manchester City celebrate a goal against Burnley. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Guardiola does not want new players in winter break

Guardiola was happy with City's game against Burnley. The 'Citizens' came via Gabriel Jesus (twice), Rodri and Riyad Mahrez to a 0-4 lead, after which the home club saved Rob 1-4 with the 1-4.

"It was a good result thanks to our performance. We played very well. We are very satisfied with what we have shown in the last games. Sometimes it has to be a bit too good."

Guardiola also emphasized once again that City is not planning to strengthen the selection during the winter break, even though the team is struggling with some personnel problems in the back due to injuries from Aymeric Laporte and others.

"I don't want any new players in January. Normally the clubs won't sell players that we find interesting. But we will get players in the summer to be able to rejuvenate."

City narrowed the gap with Liverpool to eight points thanks to the simple victory over Burnley, but 'The Reds' can run back to eleven points on Wednesday if they manage to beat in-house Everton.

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