The quarter-finals of the Arabian Gulf Cup, which will be held next Friday, reflect the ongoing conflict in the Arabian Gulf League, especially as the first six teams in the league standings compete in the quarter-finals of the Cup, namely: Sharjah leaders, Al-Ahly, Al-Ain, Al-Nasr, Al-Jazira and Al-Wahda. Fujairah and Al Wasl teams.

The clashes will be strong for most teams, especially through the Sharjah and Al Ain clasico, as well as the derby in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, which will bring Al Jazeera against Al Wahda and Shabab Al Ahly against Al Wasl.

Although the season in the league is long, the conflict in the quarter-finals of the Cup will give a picture of the form of competition in the league, especially since between teams competing in the front, two of them have the opportunity to return the debt of loss in the league, are Al Ain defeated from Sharjah 3, Al-Jazeera with the same result of unity, coupled with the desire of Al Wasl to untie the knot in front of Ahli youth.

It is noteworthy that the final round of the Arabian Gulf Cup, which was held on Thursday and Saturday, witnessed dramatic events and changes at the last minute, as Bani Yas team was considered a loser against Al Fujairah despite winning 3-1, due to violation of regulations, and also victory over Al Dhafra Away, although the latter needed only a point.

Sports analyst Khaled Obeid said the Cup was always the target of many teams who had lost their chance to compete for the league title, but this season there is a lot of competition from different teams.

`` We saw the last round and the desire of many teams to win, in order to go up like Al Nasr, which achieved an important and unexpected victory over Al Dhafra at the latter's stadium, '' he said. The young players are pushing the experienced players, and the same situation was done by Al Dhafra, which confirms the importance of the championship to victory, and like Al Wasl, Al Wahda and Al Jazira, and all the teams have set the championship as their main goal.

He added: «It is unfortunate that the four games will be held on the same day, but this is expected because of the pressure of the games, although I wished to be held on two days to give the games its importance in media coverage and follow-up, especially when we talk about the games of the size of Al Ain and Sharjah, Al Wahda and Al Jazeera, and youth Al-Ahli with Al Wasl, next to the return of internationals ».

• The opportunity is available to Al Ain and Al Jazeera, to return the debt to Sharjah and Al Wahda, in the cup.

3 scenes:

■ The great brilliance of Alima with Al Wasl, and recorded «Hattrick» in Ajman.

■ An administrative error cost Bani Yas dearly, and made him a 3-0 loss from Fujairah, after winning 3-1.

■ Victory continues its awakening led by brilliant Negredo.

Round of 8 (6 December 2019)

Al Ain - Sharjah / Hazza Stadium.

Fujairah - Victory / Fujairah Stadium.

Al Wahda - Al Jazeera / Al Nahyan Stadium.

Youth Ahli - Al Wasl / Rashid Stadium.

3 spectacular scenes at the end of the group stage of the Arabian Gulf Cup

The Arabian Gulf Cup was characterized by three spectacular scenes after the end of the group stage, most notably the dramatic exit of Bani Yas team, after beating Fujairah three times, but was bid farewell due to an administrative error. Al Wasl also shone dramatically, snatching qualification at the last leg, as well as the excellence shown by victory and Spanish star Alvaro Negredo. The last match between Al Wasl and Ajman witnessed a great brilliance for the Brazilian Panthers Fabio Lima, who scored a hat-trick in Ajman that led his team to the quarter-finals, proved his strong return to his level known, and advanced to the top scorers equally with the Spanish player Bani Yas Conde, seven goals For both of them. It was also a remarkable farewell to Bani Yas, despite beating Fujairah 3-1, topped by Group B, where the club fell into an administrative error involving seven foreign players other than the six allowed, according to the competition regulations, the disciplinary committee decided to be considered a 3-0 loss to Fujairah , And the latter qualify his place.

The tournament also saw the continuation of Al Nasr's victory, under the leadership of his new coach, Croatian Kronislav, who, despite his absence from the final match Al Dhafra in the group stage for the death of his father, the team achieved an exciting and difficult victory over Al Dhafra 2 goals, and rose in third place.

Al-Nasr, Spain's Negredo, continued to perform well in the trophy, scoring a superb goal from outside the box that proved his scoring skill, and saved his team from a goal scored from the line in a corner.