Professional baseball Hiroshima Kikuchi Major League baseball team can negotiate contract December 3rd 11:00

All the major league teams have been informed that it will be possible to negotiate a contract for Ryusuke Kikuchi who is aiming to transfer to the major league using the posting system from professional baseball Hiroshima. The deadline for negotiations is until January 2 next year, and it will be noted which teams will be negotiated.

The 29-year-old Kikuchi player is a second master and has won the Golden Grab Award for seven consecutive years until this season, and its excellent defense is highly regarded among the American media.

According to the Major League Organization, Hiroshima has applied for Kikuchi who wants to transfer to the Major League using the posting system, so the Major League Organization can negotiate a contract with 30 teams on the 2nd. I found out that I became a player.

Negotiations between Kikuchi and the team have been lifted on the 3rd day of the notice, and the deadline for negotiations is set to January 2 next year.

Teams that are willing to pay the transfer money to transfer to Hiroshima will be able to negotiate with Kikuchi.

Attention will be paid to which teams Kikuchi will negotiate for transfer in the future.

In professional baseball, DeNA's Yoshitomo Tsutsuka is also negotiating with the Major League Baseball team using the posting system, and the deadline for negotiations is 19th of this month.