Mercedes-AMG world champion Lewis Hamilton has confirmed that he is pushing for the best possible win in the Etihad Airways Grand Prix yesterday at Yas Marina Circuit. At the end of the championship season, it represents an early warning to competitors in 2020, especially youngsters, such as Red Bull, Ferrari Max Verstappen and Charles Locklear, respectively, who finished second and third in Abu Dhabi.

Hamilton said in a press statement after the coronation ceremony, that: «keen to record the fastest lap in the race at the last laps is a message to confirm that I am still at the top of my bid, and hungry for more victories, and I send this message to competitors, especially young people, I am determined to To achieve more victories next season, in order to seek to maintain the world title, and achieve a new achievement in the seventh title ».

He added: “Despite the fact that last month I won the World Championship for the sixth time, I was keen to unveil an exceptional season in the best way, specifically to provide my best performance that summarizes my career in this season, through the success of Yas Marina Circuit in winning the full mark Any driver in his career, from starting the first pole position to Fawzi in the same race, and the latest ability to record the fastest lap of the race, despite the weary tires in the last laps.

He added: «The fifth victory in Yas evidence keen to win here, as well as it is the best way to bid farewell to the achievements, which succeeded in achieving 11 victories, was enough to give me my sixth world title».

`` The 2019 season is the best in my 13-year professional career in Formula One, although I have had very difficult races, especially with young duo Verchtaben and Leclerc.I think this competition with the young elements will continue next season, and I am eager for that. ''

Regarding his fifth title in Yas, Hamilton said: `` I have always found leadership on this track, which was confirmed by five victories over 11 years hosted by the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, especially since my title in 2019 gave me the 85th victory in my career, and came under a special number, because I fought The race has been 250 since Formula One in 2007. In addition to my ability this season to set an unprecedented record in terms of points by 417 points, surpassing the previous record of 408 points last season.

“Mercedes have worked exceptionally throughout the year, and I really wanted to continue their victories, thanks to the team who have made up for the weaknesses we suffered especially in the second half of the season, and I expect to be strong rivals at the start of the 2020 season.”

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