Dubai stalled gold, silver and bronze and won the titles of the best productive farm in the world, and the best producer stall in the world and the best producer horse in the world, which enabled the stall to retain the first place in the World Championship Arabian horses at the Villepin Hall in France over three days of competitions , Which concluded its activities the day before yesterday.

The Dubai stall succeeded in winning gold with skilled De Shamkha, daughter of the legendary contemporary production staller FAL Rasheem and the future world champion FT Sheila, who achieved the highest score in her group and then in a final exciting competition among the best foals of the year. De Chamkha earned the gold medal with distinction and also the title of best score in the overall foals tournament.

De Sheehana, who is also the daughter of the legendary stallion FAL Rasheem, and the global horse De Shehla, the daughter of the Persian horse FT Sheila, managed to win the bronze medal among the most beautiful foals in the world. A world-class producer in the future of the genius of Dubai, and in the presence of the best stallions such as FAL Rachim, his son, De Siraj, Royal Colors, De Khattaf and De Mishari.

In the tournament, the Dubai Stud won a gold medal when he managed to win the two medals; a silver medal in the beauty of the golden pony «de Chemaz» son of the stallion in the production of the champions «FAL Rachim» and the born horse «Veronica», and a bronze medal in the beauty of the pony «de Meziane Ibn al - Fahal «Rachim» and the Persians «De Mazaya».

The World Championships in Paris are held annually under the auspices of King Mohammed VI of Morocco, which has become a tradition of Moroccan presence in France since 1977.

Monotheistic: A historic achievement

Mohammed Al Tawhidi, Director General of Dubai Arabian Horse Stall, expressed his delight at the outstanding results of the stall at the World Championship, describing it as a historic and renewed achievement. He said: “Dubai has achieved a historic achievement that has reaffirmed the Arabian horses to its modern historical development as it deserves at the World Championship, which is considered the reference in the efforts in this area of ​​one of the elements of identity. This repeated historical achievement of the Dubai link is part of the glorious image of the UAE in the world. '

He added: "We congratulate this new historic achievement, which coincides with a special national occasion, the National Day of the State."

Marzouki: A New History

Abdul Aziz Al Marzooqi, CEO of Dubai Stud, said he was delighted to see the completion of the Dubai Stud, stressing that the championship is a crucial test for the champions. "The world championship is the decisive destination for recognizing the best," he told reporters. We were the best and deserve this recognition because our horses got what they deserved. The tournament was a fierce competition, and our horses were the most beautiful among the most beautiful Arabian horses. ”