The last Grand Prix of the season is scheduled in Formula 1 on Sunday from 2.10 p.m. Max Verstappen started the final race in Abu Dhabi from second place and hopes to secure third position in the World Cup standings. Follow everything in our live blog.

Good afternoon and welcome to the Formula 1 live blog on My name is Patrick Moeke and I will keep you informed of all developments around the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Lots of fun!

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GP Abu Dhabi · a few seconds ago

46 more laps - Very little happens at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi. Fights are scarce and overtaking without DRS - due to a technical problem the drivers cannot open their rear wing - is difficult on this circuit.

GP Abu Dhabi · 2 minutes ago

48 more rounds - Charles Leclerc seems to have problems. "I feel vibrations in my car," says the Monegask, who is in second place for Verstappen, over the on-board radio.

GP Abu Dhabi · 5 minutes ago

49 more laps - Bottas passes Magnussen and climbs to eleventh place. Lewis Hamilton is half a second faster at the front than the rest.

GP Abu Dhabi · 7 minutes ago

51 more rounds - Fighting is scarce in the top ten. Verstappen manages to break free from Vettel. DRS is still not available. The score:

  • Hamilton
  • Leclerc +4.1
  • Verstappen +2.2
  • Vettel +1.8
  • Albon +3.4
  • GP Abu Dhabi · 12 minutes ago

    Ngo 52 rounds - Due to a technical problem, the DRS system does not work, the race management reports. So catching up is a bit more difficult at the moment.

    GP Abu Dhabi · 14 minutes ago

    53 more laps - Hamilton drives off at the front. Verstappen (P3) still has Vettel on its tail. In the back, Botttas has fought from the last to the fourteenth place.

    GP Abu Dhabi · 15 minutes ago

    54 more laps - Gasly was hit by Stroll at the start and lost his front wing. The Frenchman falls back to last place and looks for the pits.

    GP Abu Dhabi · 16 minutes ago

    54 more laps - Verstappen (P3) is immediately full under pressure from Vettel, who rides on the softer and therefore faster tire. The score:

  • Hamilton
  • Leclerc
  • Verstappen
  • Vettel
  • Albon
  • Norris
  • Ricciardo
  • Magnuses
  • Hülkenberg
  • Magnuses
  • GP Abu Dhabi · 17 minutes ago

    START - Leclerc outsmarts Verstappen on the straight and climbs to second place. Verstappen falls back to P3.

    GP Abu Dhabi · 18 minutes ago

    START - Verstappen retains second place, Hamilton remains in the lead.

    GP Abu Dhabi · 19 minutes ago

    Warm-up round - The cars drive onto the grid. The Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi is about to start.

    GP Abu Dhabi · 20 minutes ago

    FORMATION LAPIt's almost time for the final race of 2019! Follow live text commentary and timings here >> # AbuDhabi2019 🇦🇪 # F1

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    GP Abu Dhabi · 21 minutes ago

    Warm up round - The warm up round is running! The cars roll from their place.

    GP Abu Dhabi · 23 minutes ago

    2 minutes left until the warm-up round - The starting position including the tire compound:

  • Hamilton (M)
  • Verstappen (M)
  • Leclerc (M)
  • Vettel (S)
  • Albon (M)
  • Norris (S)
  • Ricciardo (S)
  • Sainz (S)
  • Hülkenberg (S)
  • Pérez (M)
  • GP Abu Dhabi · 27 minutes ago

    Another 5 minutes to the start - Red Bull team boss Christian Horner expects Charles Leclerc to be disqualified after the race. "He has broken a technical rule," Horner tells Sky Sports. "I can't think of a way to keep his place." If Leclerc is actually disqualified, then Max Verstappen is certainly in third place in the World Cup position.

    GP Abu Dhabi · 30 minutes ago

    The chance that it will rain during the race is exactly 0 percent.

    It's a beautiful day to go racing ... For the final time this year Abu # AbuDhabi2019 🇦🇪 # F1

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    GP Abu Dhabi · 32 minutes ago

    Another 10 minutes to the start - The drivers climb into their cars and prepare for the race.

    GP Abu Dhabi · 37 minutes ago

    For the last time this year the national anthem sounds prior to a Grand Prix.

    One last national anthem for 2019 🎶 #AbuDhabiGP 🇦🇪

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    GP Abu Dhabi · 41 minutes ago

    Max Verstappen starts the last race of the season with a good feeling. "It's always fun to race, but it's also good to have a break," he says at Ziggo Sport. "I think everyone is pretty much on the same tactic today. I'm not just looking at Hamilton, but taking everyone around me into account."

    GP Abu Dhabi · one hour ago

    Leclerc can start the race, fuel examined later
    Charles Leclerc may just start the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but may still face a penalty after the race. The FIA ​​only comes after the game with a statement about the fuel of the Monegask. Ferrari has passed on a larger amount of fuel than was actually in the engine according to the FIA.

    GP Abu Dhabi · one hour ago

    The starting line-up for the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (provided Leclerc is allowed to start):

    GP Abu Dhabi · one hour ago

    Leclerc possible in trouble due to fuel rule
    Charles Leclerc must fear for his participation in the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi. According to the FIA, Ferrari has passed on the wrong amount of fuel than was actually in the car. The incident is currently being investigated by the stewards.

    GP Abu Dhabi · one hour ago

    Another 40 minutes to the start - The pit lane is open. The drivers will go to the grid for the last time this year.

    Formula 1 · one hour ago

    Another 45 minutes to the start - Formula 2 champion Nyck de Vries with Formula 1 champion Lewis Hamilton and Formula 3 champion Robert Shwartzman.

    👑👑👑 #AbuDhabiGP 🇦🇪 # RoadToF1

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    GP Abu Dhabi · one hour ago

    F1 preview: 'All or nothing' in last race 2019

    GP Abu Dhabi · one hour ago

    Another 50 minutes to the start - The 2019 Formula 1 class photo.

    One last race for the class of 2019 ... #AbuDhabiGP 🇦🇪 # F1

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    GP Abu Dhabi · 5 hours ago

    Max Verstappen will soon start from P2. Our reporter Joost Nederpelt explains where the chances are for him to win.

    GP Abu Dhabi · 5 hours ago

    At 2.10 pm the lights go out for the last time this year before the start of a Formula 1 race.

    For one last time in 2019 🙌 It's race day! 🏁 #AbuDhabiGP 🇦🇪 # F1

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