The tie between Galatasaray and Bruges took quite a bit of gas at the luxurious appointment of the Bernabéu, with Madrid and PSG already qualified for the round of 16 by the setbacks of the other two teams in the group. In the white case, the news was a relief, because it should not be forgotten that just two months ago Bernabéu trembled in the same with the terrifying possibility of finishing in the Europa League. That 0-2 Bruges made Zidane's team hit the ground, still in pain from the Paris win.

But once again the French coach has shown that his thing with the Champions is not anything. No one has been with him since he is a coach. He still does not know what it is to fall eliminated in the great continental competition. The most difficult thing is still, the qualifiers, where he looks full since 2016. Impeccable is also the passage of Madrid through the group stage, being the only club in the history of the new European Cup that always passed the first league. All these data could be written at nine o'clock at night, before the ball rolled. Having the basic mission accomplished did not relax the men of the French, in splendid start before a complexed PSG.

"That shirt," Tuchel said in the previous one to assess the advantage of his rival in this type of European dating. Shield and football, as requested by ZZ. They obeyed his, leaving one of the best times of the season. Surely the best, because of the height of the opponent. Madrid also looked before Eibar, but yesterday it was under the spotlight of the Champions League and with the PSG ahead. Only Mbappé, with his gazelle stride, managed to wake up the French, after being shaken by energy and the game deployed by whites, very innocent, yes, in the final minutes: they let themselves tie a game they had dominated 2 -0. Keylor, cheered at the end, avoided the win. Until he was injured, Hazard had carried the torch. The 1-0 sprang from a snatch of his, from left to right, swinging the entire Parisian spinal cord, witness in the front line of the combination that ended with Benzema's goal. The post gave pichichi assistance: 14 goals in 17 games this year.

Even Isco and Marcelo, the surprises of the eleven, helped the Madrid deployment, with Valverde and Casemiro taking out the rake and the attack front, harassing the French defense. The awakening of Mbappé raised the PSG, who finished the first part very angry at an action where the referee called several things and all wrong. On a run-off of Courtois, Icardi rolled into the area. Penalty that the Portuguese Dias took out of the area, also showing the goalkeeper red. The disastrous action for the whites was fixed by the VAR, fine to see a previous foul to Marcelo at the start of the play.

Tuchel threw Neymar after the break. ZZ had to put Bale because of the worst news of the night for Madrid, an ugly sprained Hazard's ankle, by a Meunier kick. He limped on the 7th, looking to have a medical leave for two or three weeks.

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