5 baseball players selected from Seibu, the best baseball player in the Nine Pacific League, November 25, 19:14

The 5 best players from Seibu, who won the Pacific League for the second consecutive year, were selected as the best nines of this season for both professional baseball and soccer teams.

The Best Nine was selected by a vote of a reporter in charge of professional baseball, and 19 people were announced for each position in both the SE and PA Leagues.

Pacific League.

▽ Pitcher is the first winning award in the ninth year by pitcher pitcher Saga Chiga, SOFTBANK ACE who won the most strikeout title.

▽ The catcher is Tomoya Seibu, the first-time batter to win for the second time in a row for the second consecutive year.

▽ First is the second time run by home run king Seibu Hokawa Yamakawa for the second consecutive year.

▽ Second is Eito Asamura, who was transferred to Rakuten as a free agent, for the fourth time in a row for four consecutive years since the Seibu period. Asamura won the first prize six years ago.

▽ Third is the 6th award for the first time in 4 years by Sadabu Goya Nakamura. Even a designated hitter has won one award.

▽ Short was awarded by Seibu's Sosuke Genda for the second consecutive year.

▽ Outfielder is Seibu's Shogo Akiyama who is aiming to transfer to the major leagues as a free agent for the fourth time in a row for the third consecutive year.

ORIX Masana Yoshida is the second consecutive year.

Lotte's Takashi Kanno won the first award in the professional 10th year.

▽ Softbank Despine was the second-ever award winner for the first time in two years.

This is the Se League.

▽ The pitcher was the first to be awarded in 14 years by pitcher Shun Yamaguchi, who won three titles: the most wins, the highest win rate, and the most strikeout strikeouts. Pitcher Yamaguchi is aiming for a major league transfer with the posting system.

▽ The catcher is Tsubasa Serizawa, a third-time award winner for three consecutive years.

▽ First was awarded by Cicada Biciedo for the second time in a row for the second consecutive year.

▽ Second, Yakult Tetsuto Yamada is the fifth consecutive year for the second time.

▽ Third, Shuhei Takahashi from Chunichi won the first award in professional 8th year.

▽ Short is the 5th consecutive award for the second consecutive year by Giant Hayato Sakamoto, who has hit 40 home runs, which is the highest number.

▽ The outfielder is the 4th consecutive 4th consecutive year of Hiroshima's Seiya Suzuki, who won the title of the highest hit rate with the top batter.

In addition to the home run king for the second year in a row, this season is the second time for DeNA Soto who was also the batted king.

And Yoshihiro Maru, who was transferred to a giant as a free agent, was awarded the fifth time in a row for four consecutive years since the Hiroshima era.

The Best Nine Award will be held at NPB Awards on the 26th.