Spanish coach Pep Guardiola built his decade-long success in forming squads capable of dominating the ball, but on Saturday, for the first time in his career, one of his teams took less of the ball than the opponent.

From Barcelona to Bayern Munich to Manchester City, Guardiola has gained fame for his long-held passion.

But Saturday's event is odd as City beat Chelsea in the Premier League without being the majority.

City had 46.74 percent of the win in the 2-1 win, the lowest for any Guardiola side in 381 games with three clubs.

The coach tried to give the impression that he did not care much, although it is hard to believe that this would not arouse his curiosity at least to see why it happened.

"There are things in your life that have never happened and then happen," he told reporters. .

Chelsea's midfield was fantastic, but Guardiola had already faced rivals who also had outstanding players in the midfield, yet he was the most dominant.

But what will worry Guardiola is that when he follows precisely the first half he will realize his team's failure to carry out his short and fast passes, a technique that has built his character for the last two seasons.

The rhythm of play was slower than usual and lacked the required accuracy, giving Chelsea the chance to take more possession of the ball and causing problems for the already defensive City.

"The game showed the team had a different way to win," said City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne, who scored the equalizer after Kanti took the lead and Riyad Mehrez scored the winner in the 37th minute.

"People are waiting for us to take the ball by 70%, but this opponent has great potential. He works hard and keeps the ball. He performs wonderfully. It's hard to get the ball back."

"The opponent may have grabbed the ball more but we created the most dangerous chances, so I think we deserve to win. This shows the other side of us that we can control the game in defense."