The return of José Mourinho to the Premier League is also a hot topic in English football on Friday. Trainers from various top clubs spoke at their press conference about the Portuguese who was appointed Wednesday at Tottenham Hotspur.

"I'm preparing for a circus," said Ole Gunnar Solskjaer of Manchester United, where he was appointed last year as the successor to the fired Mourinho. "The return of José will undoubtedly be a spectacle."

According to the Norwegian trainer, the media in particular will benefit from the appointment of the flamboyant Portuguese at the London club. "His arrival is good news for you from the press. And maybe also good news for me, because you will have less time to write about me."

In the recent past, Mourinho's predecessor Mauricio Pochettino has already been linked to Manchester United, where Solskjaer has not yet been able to convince.

"I don't care if he's clubless now. Being a trainer at Manchester United is the best job in the world," said Solskjaer. "Everyone wants this job, unemployed coaches and trainers who do have a club."


Mourinho jokes with journalists at first 'Spurs' press conference

Guardiola: "Mourinho is a great trainer"

Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola has a turbulent past with Mourinho. The two coached some heated Clásico's in their Spanish period between Real Madrid (Mourinho) and FC Barcelona (Guardiola).

"I wish José a good return to the Premier League," Guardiola said nonetheless. "It is a great trainer and I am sure he will do well at the 'Spurs'."

The Spaniard was surprised by the resignation of Pochettino. "He did a great job there," he said of the Argentinian who was in the final of the Champions League last season with Tottenham.

Guardiola plays Saturday with City at home against Chelsea, an old club of 56-year-old Mourinho. With Frank Lampard there is a trainer on the couch who used to play under 'The Special One' for a long time as a midfielder.

Lampard expects Tottenham - currently only fourteenth in the Premier League - to quickly find his way up with Mourinho. "The results from the past and the prizes he won speak for themselves."

"Mourinho works hard and puts a lot of energy into it. And he has a strong team. The start of Tottenham was poor, but the potential and quality are still there. They will no doubt return to the top," Lampard said.

Jürgen Klopp and José Mourinho in 2017 as trainers from Liverpool and Manchester United. (Photo: Pro Shots)

Klopp: "Mourinho will be enormously motivated"

Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp faced Pochettino six months ago in the Champions League final. "This proves once again how quickly things can change in the football world," said the Premier League coach. "I hope that Mauricio can enjoy the success he has had on his vacation."

Klopp also welcomed Mourinho to the Premier League again. "It is good that he is back, because he was desperate to return," the German joked. "José will be enormously motivated to make something beautiful out of it."

Mourinho is sitting on the bench of Tottenham for the first time on Saturday (kick-off at 1.30 pm), which plays an away game against fellow-countryman West Ham United.

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