Figure NHK Cup Opening in the evening Kiflata final adjustment November 22 11:49

The figure skating NHK Cup opened in Sapporo on the 22nd, and Rika Kihira, who is aiming for consecutive championships, made final adjustments for the first half of the short program and confirmed jumps such as triple accelerator.

Kotoshi no NHK Cup will have a short program for men and women singles on the 22nd day of the tournament.

For women's singles, 17-year-old Kihei who aimed to win the tournament adjusted for about 30 minutes on the actual link on the morning of the 22nd.

Kihei players practiced wearing red and black costumes, and in the practice of applying a short program song, he fell down with the triple accelerator at the beginning, and the icing of the second jump was disturbed even after three consecutive jumps. I lacked it.

After that, I carefully checked the jump and was icing the triple accelerator.

The four-turn Sarkoko that landed on the 21st practice did not jump.

In addition, Pyongchang Olympic gold medal Russia's Arena Zagitova, who competes for victory with Kihei, was practicing with a focus on jumping, such as a three-round continuous jump.

Russia's 16-year-old Ariona Kostrnaya, who won the championship by defeating Zagitova in the Grand Prix series debut game, landed a triple axel in the practice of playing the song, and in the second half of the practice girls were difficult High accelerating triple accelerator and 3 consecutive jumps were put on top of the tune.

Women's singles will begin at 4:55 pm on the 22nd.