• Selection: The discreet goodbye of Robert Moreno to avoid "a spiral of reproaches"

Robert Moreno said goodbye to the Spanish team on Wednesday with a statement but, a day later, he had to face the microphones of 'Mediaset', 'Cuatro' and 'Gol', who approached him in Castellefels (Barcelona), city where do you live. He had no qualms about answering why Luis Enrique no longer loves him as second coach in the national team. He replied with a smile and after shrugging: "I don't know, ask him."

"I think the best thing for both parties is that it is between us. If the other party wants to, talk. I have nothing to say, because I don't think it's good for anyone," Robert Moreno admitted. "First it would not be good for me. And allow me to think of myself at this moment," the former Spanish coach settled. Subsequently, he was asked if after this disagreement they will be able to fix the mess that exists in the environment of the national team and said: "I don't know."

They were his first words since Sunday, in the previous match against Malta, just before the entire storm broke out. Then came the win in the Metropolitan, tears in the locker room and, after the explanations of Luis Rubiales and Molina , his goodbye through a statement released by his lawyers: "I wish the best to Luis Enrique, because his joys will be the our ".

The next to speak, on November 27 (11.30 am), will be Luis Enrique himself, during the day of his second presentation as national coach.

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