Hanyu confirmed the jump NHK Cup figure from 21st November 21 17:39

Before the figure skating Grand Prix series NHK Cup kicks off in Sapporo on the 22nd, Yuzuru Hanyu practiced for the first time at the link of the venue, and confirmed the jump carefully, including a 4-turn jump and a good triple accelerator The we.

Hanyu, who has won the Olympics for the second time in a row, won the championship by marking a score to update his personal best in last month's Canadian tournament, which was his first Grand Prix series of this season.

The NHK Cup, which will open in Sapporo from the 22nd, aims to win for the first time in three years.

On the 20th, Hanyu, who returned from Canada, the practice base, practiced for the first time on the afternoon of the 21st at the venue link.

Hanyu began to slide to confirm the feel of the ice, landed four jumps one after another, and showed flowing steps.

In the practice of applying free songs after that, although I landed a four-turn jump, I was good at triple accelerator, and it was a jump that I missed after stepping on, or I made a mistake in icing, so I coached while watching the video And carefully checked the jump.

The NHK Cup will include a short program for the first half for both men and women on the 22nd and a free for the second half on the 23rd.