Figure NHK Cup tomorrow opening Hanyu "The best performance to envision" November 21, 21:02

Japanese player who participated before NHK cup of figure skating opens in Sapporo City on the 22nd, attended the press conference, and Yuzuru Hanyu, the second consecutive Olympic champion, wants to do the best performance that he envisions. talked.

The NHK Cup for figure skating is one of the Grand Prix series held in six locations around the world, and this year's competition will be held from the 22nd as the sixth round of this season.

The press conference was held at a hotel in Sapporo, and eight Japanese players who participated in gender singles attended. Hanyu will face the NHK Cup by winning the highest score in the Canadian tournament last month with a high score.

Hanyu said, “The condition is in great condition. I am confident that I am the best scorer this season. I have to go beyond this, and I have a strong desire to go. I want to prepare while feeling a lot of things. "

After that, we were eager to win this tournament for the first time in three years, "I want to do my best to perform the best I can imagine while feeling the atmosphere of the NHK Cup".

Rika Kihira, who aims to win the championship for the second time in the women's single, is expected to have a high-level championship battle with Russians such as Pyongchang Olympic gold medal Arena Zagitowa. I want to make sure that there are three free accelerators and a short program, and if I can do the best of the season, I can participate in the Grand Prix Final. I want to do my best with the goal of acting without mistakes. ”

Also, on the 21st of practice, the four-turn Sarkoko, which has not been included in the tournament performance this season, said, “I'm not sure if it will be put into production, but I want to check the temperature of the venue and the feeling of ice. "

The NHK Cup will feature a short program for men and women singles on the first day of the 22nd.