The teams in Formula 1 must install a mandatory second fuel sensor on their car from next year. The FIA ​​car federation announced this on Thursday.

Thanks to the second sensor, the FIA ​​has more options to monitor the fuel consumption of all cars. The sensor ensures that the teams consume a maximum of 100 kilograms of fuel per hour. It is the third technical guideline for the coming racing year that the FIA ​​issues in four weeks.

After the Brazil Grand Prix last weekend, the FIA ​​investigated three fuel systems: one from Ferrari, one from the Ferrari factory team and one from a non-Ferrari engine. However, it is not clear whether the measure is a response to the control in Interlagos, Brazil.

In Formula 1, rumors have been circulating for weeks about the power of the Ferrari engine. According to Red Bull, Ferrari would use a trick whereby the 'fuel flow meter' - an instrument that measures the amount of gasoline used by the engine - sometimes does not record everything. This meter should actually indicate that an engine uses more than the permitted 100 kilos of fuel per hour.

Probably Ferrari circumvented this by laying a high-voltage cable from the hybrid system along, causing the meter to be disrupted. Max Verstappen judged that Ferrari "cheated" that way. The Italian team denied all allegations.