Grahn was the best Swedish slalom skater in the 1960s with a second place in a 1967 World Cup competition as the main merit.

At the 1966 World Cup in Chilean Portillo, Grahn had a lead by almost two seconds after the first ride, but then went out just before the finish in the second race. And in the 1968 Olympics he finished third after the first race but ran out in the second.

- His career was lined up with a lot of events, says Axel Grahn.

Among other things, he talks about the Olympic debut in Squaw Valley in 1960, where Bengt-Erik Grahn was persuaded to go downhill and broke his arm in the training bag so that he missed his parade slalom.

Grahn grew up in Kittelfjäll, but settled in Lidingö outside Stockholm after his alpine career and worked as a sports teacher.