Al Wasl strives to win against Al Wahda when the two teams meet in the sixth round of Group B matches in the Arabian Gulf Cup, at 8:30 at the Al Nahyan Stadium in Abu Dhabi, where «Emperor» will only have to rely on himself, and not to wait for the results of the matches Other in the same group.

The «Annabi» qualified to the quarter-finals topping the list with 10 points, while Al Wasl is fourth with six points, equal with Sharjah on the same score, but «King» excels in direct confrontations.

Bani Yas is fifth with five points and sixth with four points, waiting for a gift from Al Wahda, disrupting the Panthers and restoring hope to Heavenly and Hurricane.

For his part, Al Wasl coach, Roman Lorient Regicamp, that the game will be difficult for «Emperor», pointing out that Al Wasl must win, in order to approach the qualification.

"Al Wasl met with Al Wahda less than 10 days ago in the league," he said at a press conference. "We know each other, hoping to play as strong as we did in the league."

He pointed out that Al Wasl lacks the services of midfielder Khamis Ismail, because of the suspension, in addition to the absence of international players joining the national teams, stressing the readiness of the players to make a strong match.

The Romanian coach concluded his remarks by responding to a question about his opinion in the scheduling of the games, after the announcement of the participation of the team in the 24th Gulf Cup, and said: «I think the program is good, and we must respect the decisions of the Football Association, there is no problem in the Gulf Cup Al Arabi, instead of the league at the moment, and all our focus on the cup, and to achieve our goals in the tournament ».

Group B accounts

- Unit within the qualifying for the second round with 10 points.

- The remaining three cards between Fujairah (7 points) and Sharjah (6 points)

5 rounds), Al Wasl (6 points), Baniyas (5 points), Hatta (4 points),

Ajman (3 points from 5 rounds).

- Sharjah and Ajman are the only players to have played five rounds,

The rest of the teams are four rounds.

- If Al-Wasl wins today, it will reserve a qualified card.