Seibu Negotiations for Matsuzaka acquisition If it is decided, it will return for the first time in 14 years November 20 20:57

Professional baseball, Seibu's Hisabu Watanabe General Manager is on the stage of negotiations for joining Daisuke Matsuzaka, who is aiming to acquire in response to interviews in Saitama Prefecture where the event of the team was held on the 20th I made it clear.

Seibu conducted a survey to acquire Matsuzaka pitcher who left China and Japan at the beginning of last month, and then proceeded with negotiations for joining.

Watanabe General Manager revealed that negotiations with pitcher Matsuzaka are in the process of being finalized in response to interviews by news companies in Hanno City, Saitama, where the event was held on the 20th.

Watanabe General Manager suggested that negotiations are proceeding smoothly, saying that he would like to announce if he could agree.

Matsuzaka is 39 years old. As the ace of Yokohama High School, he won the spring and summer championships at Koshien and joined Seibu in 1999 as the first draft. He was enrolled in eight seasons until 2006, including winning the most wins for the third consecutive year from the first year.

After that, after moving to the major leagues and playing Red Sox, I returned to the Japanese baseball world at Softbank four years ago.

Last year, we won the comeback award with 6 wins in China and Japan. If Matsuzaka pitcher Seibu joins, it will return to the old nest for the first time in 14 years.