José Mourinho can't wait to get past the field again in the Premier League. The Portuguese was presented on Wednesday as the new trainer of Tottenham Hotspur and is sure that he can lead the English club up again.

"I couldn't be happier, otherwise I wouldn't have been here", Mourinho exults on Tottenham's website. "What I can promise is passion for both my profession and my club. It is an honor to go to a club as a trainer where he becomes very happy with the selection with which he can work."

Mourinho signed a contract with Tottenham until mid-2023 and is the successor to Mauricio Pochettino. The Argentinian got his resignation on Tuesday due to disappointing results in the Premier League.

The 'Spurs' are only fourteenth in the ranking. Mourinho, who has been without club since his resignation from Manchester United in December last year, promises that the results will improve under his leadership.

"We know where we are in the Premier League and we know we don't belong there," says "The Special One." "We will have to watch it from game to game and at the end of the season we'll see where we end up."

"We are certain that it will be a different position from where we are now. I look forward to the challenge and the responsibility to bring joy to everyone who loves this club."

"I couldn't be happier and if I wasn't happy as I am, I wouldn't be here." 📺 Jose Mourinho's first interview as Head Coach. #THFC ⚪️ #COYS

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Mourinho praising stadium and training field Tottenham

Mourinho is also looking forward to working with Tottenham's talents. "There is not a single trainer in the world who does not like to play with young players and does not want to help these players to develop themselves. The problem is that you sometimes go to clubs where the work that is being done is not good enough for you to bring these players. "

The 56-year-old coach is also enthusiastic about Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the home of Tottenham. That stadium was erected at the same location as White Hart Lane, the old home of the English top club, and was officially opened in April this year.

"If you are talking about a nice stadium, you are too humble," says Mourinho. "You have to say that it is the best stadium in the world. The training field is also unrivaled and can probably only be compared to some training fields in American football."

Mourinho is sitting on the bench at Tottenham Hotspur for the first time this Saturday. Then the away game in the Premier League against West Ham United awaits.

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