In front of Judo Grand Slam Osaka, the representative player's practice is released November 20, 16:25

In front of the Judo International Tournament, Grand Slam Osaka, the rehearsal of the representative player was released. Each player, Abe, has a strong determination.

Judo International Games Grand Slam Osaka is one of the events related to the selection of representatives for the Tokyo Olympics. I will be selected as the representative.

On the 20th, the state of the adjustment of the lightweight class athletes held at the convention venue in Minato-ku, Osaka was released.

Maruyama, who won the gold medal at the 66km class of the World Championship, said that the recovery of the right knee, which was hurt at the World Championship, is about 70%. I threw it all.

Maruyama burned his fighting spirit, saying, “We are reaching out to the representatives of the Tokyo Olympics but want to show that they are the strongest in their judo without worrying about anything.”

On the other hand, Abe, who was defeated by Maruyama at the World Championship and was a bronze medal, wanted to humiliate in this tournament and connect hope to the Olympics. You can see how to carefully check multiple patterns that grab the.

Abe said, “I have no choice but to win. I ’m just ready to make 100% of my judo and win.”