Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto believes that his racing stable at the Brazil Grand Prix last weekend has shown that the road has started, even though Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel both failed.

Binotto concludes that Ferrari had a lot of grip in the corners, which this season was often a weakness of the Italian team and the power of, among others, competitor Red Bull Racing.

"In Brazil, Red Bull was very fast, both in curves and on the straights. We still need to analyze further, but when I compare ourselves to Red Bull, we had almost as much grip," Binotto told .

"On the straights it was also pretty close in terms of speed. I think it is the first time that we had almost as much grip as Red Bull, which proves that we take advantage of it when cornering our set-up adjust a little. "

Ferrari had no points left in the race at Interlagos, because Leclerc and Vettel hit each other and dropped out. The win in Brazil went to Red Bull rider Max Verstappen, who left pole position and was superior.

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"Brazil comparable to previous races"

According to fifty-year-old Binotto, Ferrari is on the rise. "Brazil was similar to Mexico and the previous races. We are still missing some speed. The race in Austin was very bad and it is still not entirely clear what happened there," said the team boss.

He still disputes that the fall in the United States is the result of FIA intervention. Ferrari was accused of cheating with the engine and Verstappen called the Italians cheaters.

"In any case, the balance of the car in the US was not good and there were problems with the tire temperature. We have since changed a few things."

There is one more race scheduled for this Formula 1 season. Next Sunday, the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi will be held, after which the teams will fully focus on 2020.

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