Chukyo Daichukyo wins for the first time Meiji Jingu Tournament High School Division November 20 16:30

The baseball Meiji Jingu tournament was held on the 20th, and the Aichi Chukyo University Chukyo High School won the first victory by winning a 4-3 match against Takasaki Health and Welfare Otakasaki High School in Gunma.

The final of the high school division was a meeting between Chukyo University and Chukyo of Aichi, which are aiming for the first victory together, and Kendai Takasaki of Gunma.

In Chukyo Daichukyo, the third time following one point, the same time between the opponent's errors, after the third time, Reito Nakayama won the time lease three base, and the fourth No. Taichi Indo is also timely I gave 3 points this time and reversed to 4-2.

Kendai Takasaki was forced to make a one-point difference in the fourth round, but pitcher Hiroto Takahashi, a pro-focused ace who climbed from the sixth, held a four-inning with no penalty in a good pitch that would not allow any single hit. Escaped against 3 and won the first victory.

With this victory, the “Jingu tournament frame” for the next year ’s Senbatsu High School Baseball will be given to the Tokai area where Chukyo Daichukyo belongs.

Chukyo University Chukyo Director Takahashi “The whole team grows up”

According to Genichiro Takahashi, the first champion of Chukyo University Chukyo High School, who won the first championship, “All the team has grown through the tournament, such as winning a close match. I wanted to come back, ”he tightened his feelings towards the spring Sembatsu High School Baseball.

Chukyo University Chukyo pitcher Takahashi "I removed the core of the bat"

Pitcher Hiroto Takahashi, an ace from Chukyo High School, who climbed from six times and did not allow any hits, “There was another straight, so I tried to pitch it by throwing it low and hitting it. I was able to remove the core of the bat with a newly practiced cut ball since summer. "