• 89-63 in the Palau. Narration and statistics

Barça had no mercy on a Fenerbahçe who is still headlong into quicksand and regained his best feelings after last week's defeat in Madrid. The Barça team, with a great Cory Higgins, founded in a spectacular first quarter, and the outstanding contributions of Mirotic, Kuric and Davies, scored a completely incontestable victory against a team that was surpassed at all times in the Palau. The 89-63 speaks very clearly of the abyss respecting the group of a Zeljko Obradovic, whose position on the bench already begins to falter very seriously.

A somewhat strange start, in which both teams seemed almost impossible to inaugurate the scoreboard, was followed by an exchange of blows between both contestants in which, thanks to an unsportsmanlike Lauvergne and the success of Higgins in the triples, it would end up clearly imposing Barça. The tuned North American doll was absolutely decisive to cement a 25-15 at the end of the first quarter that Obradovic, of course, received a rage. Mirotic and Tomic, in addition, had touched the unsportsmanlike in two actions in which the referees, even after consulting two repetitions, only appreciated foul.

What seemed to be the basis for a new whirlwind of the game, despite everything, was replaced by an attitude that seemed more contemporary in the second period. Higgins suddenly lost all the effervescence that he had shown in the first quarter and his personal exhibition gave way to a much more choral scoring statistic in which Mirotic, far from his best scoring version, failed to shine. Barça did not make a practically definitive difference against an opponent who, at the hands of Lauvergne, struggled to stay afloat. And that that the monumental anger of Obradovic even cost him a technique.

With Higgins in front

Barça did not finish killing the game, despite its clear dominance in the rebound and the whips of Hanga and Abrines from triple. All in all, the 44-30 break could have been even more bleeding if Datome hadn't succeeded in putting a big plug on Kuric when the basket seemed secured. But, precisely, it was two triples of Abrines and Hanga, in this case, those who would collaborate decisively so that Barça left in the first five minutes of the third quarter (58-34).

To this also contributed decisively, of course, the ability of Higgins to add to its excellent scoring abilities its no less outstanding qualities to distribute game. A facet in which, curiously, would end up shining Delaney.

Terrible sensations

In addition, Fenerbahçe, nothing came out. Sloukas, with a triple out of time and a lack in attack of all expendable, was responsible for embodying the worst feelings of his. Barça had finally given that march more to the game that it had not been able to find in the second quarter.

To such an extent that even the always irascible Obradovic was at times more than willing to bury the ax of war. The Catalans, meanwhile, not only maintained the gap, but were also able to increase it to 27 points to face the last period comfortably perched on their watchtower.

When the Fenerbahçe tried to make up the matter things, there appeared Davies, with two spectacular mates, and the aim in the triples of Kuric, Higgins and, above all, Abrines, to return it back to its current raw reality. The best galas of the great champion of yesteryear are decidedly far away.

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