The match between the national teams of Russia and San Marino was remembered not only by the big victory of the guests and the debut goals of Daler Kuzyaev, Sergey Petrov and Nikolai Komlichenko. Not without negativity in the form of insulting shouts at Artyom Dziuba. In the course of the meeting, the Zenit striker faced the boorish behavior of domestic fans who were present at the Olimpico stadium in Serravalle.

So, fans chanted obscene chants at one of the top scorers in the history of the national team. From the stands there were cries that are often used by Spartak fans during the confrontations with Zenit in the RPL. As a result, Artyom was so indignant that he did not go out with his partners to thank the fans after the final whistle, and after that he refused to communicate with reporters in the mixed zone.

“I just sometimes have no words. Whose fans were they? I haven’t had any reaction to such things for a long time, because I’m used to everything, ”said head coach Stanislav Cherchesov on Match Premier on a request to comment on what happened.

Fan chants were heard during the broadcast of the match. Nevertheless, not all the players of the Russian team heard how they insulted the captain.

“There were some shouts, but I didn’t understand what exactly they were chanting. We did not talk with Dziuba about this. But if this is so, then this is wrong. I don’t understand why people insulted the national team player and the captain, who did so much for the team, ”Sport24 quotes Zenit midfielder Daler Kuzyaev.

They also responded to the incident in the press service of the Russian team. So, an appeal to fans appeared on the official Instagram page.

“We in the Russian team love to make fans heroes of posts on social networks: they support and believe in our guys, and they appreciate their support. Today at the stadium in San Marino, in the last Euro 2020 qualification match, an inadequate group of people tried to spoil a common holiday. But such visitors will never succeed, because they are not fans and not heroes, ”the message with the hashtag“ Who are you ”says.

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We at @teamrussia love to make fans heroes of posts on social networks: they are sick and believe in our guys, and our guys appreciate their support. Today at the stadium in San Marino, in the last match of the EURO 2020 qualification, an inadequate group of people tried to spoil a common holiday. But such visitors to the stadium will never succeed, because they are not fans or heroes. #Who you are

Publication from Russian National Football Team (@teamrussia) Nov 19, 2019 at 3:14 PST

It is worth noting that the reason for such cries remains unknown. It can be assumed that the fans were unhappy with Dziuba’s actions on the field. Forward repeatedly found himself at the forefront of the attack, but could not upset Aldo Simonchini, although this evening the partners did their best to help Artyom surpass at least the achievement of Vladimir Beschastnykh. From the achievement of the second scorer in the history of the country, two accurate strikes separated him.

However, Spartak defender Georgy Dzhikia put forward a different version of what happened. According to him, rudeness came from fans of rival RPL clubs.

“As for the cries that we listened to Dziuba, this is very disappointing and is reflected inside. I would not want this to be repeated in the future. There should not be any club addictions or personal moments when the national team plays. The national team is one. There must be a positive, the stands must carry a positive charge, ”concluded Jikia.

In the country, what happened caused a serious resonance. Many football figures harshly criticized the fans for unreasonable rudeness towards the team leader. So, the General Secretary of the Russian Football Union (RFU) Alexander Alaev said that by such actions they tried to "spoil the holiday for everyone."

“For some reason, a bunch of pseudo-fans tried to provoke him. There were a couple of dozen people across the country who decided to speak so cynically. And it is very significant that others who shouted "Dziuba - well done" were much louder, - Interfax quoted Alaev as saying.

A similar opinion is shared by member of the RFU Ethics Committee Andrei Sozin. He admitted that he was opposed to this behavior of fans, and said that these people are not fans of the Russian national team.

“Maybe drunk people insulted Dziuba. Or they are not all right with the psyche. A sober person will not shout like that to a player of his national team, especially Artem, ”the Championship quotes Sozin.

The former head coach of the first team of the country, Boris Ignatiev, also criticized the behavior of fans. The specialist admitted that their actions caused him bewilderment.

“This does not climb into any gates. Can not understand. Dziuba - one of the main players of the team, does everything possible not only for the successful performance of the Russian team, but also for its popularization. He creates a microclimate that unites the team, helps him solve problems, ”said Ignatiev RT.

At the same time, he expressed the opinion that adequate fans should have influenced their compatriots.

“There are those who treat the Russian national team as a whole and Dziuba in particular. Why didn’t they react and influence that bunch of people who don’t understand much in life? It was necessary to direct them in the right direction. This is an unpleasant situation, but it is not tragic, because it was a small group of fans, ”said the specialist.

Ignatiev expressed the opinion that what happened at the Olympiko stadium was not specially organized by the fans, but agreed with Jikia in terms of the cause of the conflict.

“I don’t think it was a planned action. I believe that this group of people does not belong to the national team itself, the matter is club addictions. Someone loves the Zenith, someone does not. Someone likes Spartak. People just messed up, ”concluded Ignatiev.

Former Spartak footballer Sergei Juran also said that he did not understand the fans ’reaction.

“What is the point of chanting such phrases about a football player who scores and benefits the team, is fighting for the title of top scorer in the history of the country,” said the head coach of Zorkiy.