Six balls from Switzerland

On Monday, the last matches took place immediately in three qualifying groups, but in two of them everything was decided in advance: the teams that took both first and second places were determined.

And only in group D a full-fledged intrigue was still preserved. The third superfluous here was to determine Ireland, Denmark and Switzerland. However, the task of the latter was extremely simple. She needed to beat Gibraltar on the road, which provided wards of Vladimir Petkovich a ticket to the Euro.

As a result, Alpines did not have problems. The guests scored six goals against the opponent. The only joy for the hosts was the goal of Rice Stitch. Thus, Gibraltar was able to complete the selection immediately with three accurate shots.

Opponent for Russia

And in a parallel match of the group in Dublin, Ireland and Denmark met. The Irish were three points behind the opponent, but the victory allowed them to get ahead of the direct competitor.

However, it was not possible to achieve it. In the first half, the team of Mick McCarthy attacked rather chaotically and practically did not create moments at the gates of the opponent. The Scandinavians did not force events and calmly defended themselves.

And in the middle of the second half they completely managed to step forward, and the success of the team brought the first shot on target. Martin Brightwith closed the pitch from the right flank. Only after that the owners got angry and pressed the guests to the gate. And five minutes before the final whistle, Matt Doherty managed to equalize. Having scored, the Irish made a real bulk, but failed to snatch victory.

So, the Danes in the second qualifying round in a row did not let the Green Army go to a major tournament. Two years ago, the Scarlet Guard proved to be stronger than the opponent in butt games for the right to go to the World Cup in Russia - 0: 0, 5: 1. Now, the Danes and Russians will play in the same group in the championship of the continent.

Armenia's largest defeat in history and Mancini's unique record

Meanwhile, the Italian team completed the qualifying stage with 100% performance. Squadra Azzurra has won ten out of ten matches. On Wednesday, Belgium will try to repeat its achievement. In the last game, Roberto Mancini's wards accepted Armenia. It seemed that the Caucasian team would be able to spoil the blood of the favorite, because at home she almost took away the glasses from the leader.

However, the meeting in Palermo from the very beginning did not develop according to the script of the wards of Abraham Khashmanyan. Already in the debut of the match, they managed to miss twice in two minutes, after which they openly fell down. The Italians did what they wanted with the opponent, and as a result sent nine goals into his goal. The Armenians answered one.

It is surprising that in such a game no one in the hosts scored more than two goals. The doubles were designed by Nicolo Zagnolo and Ciro Immobile. For striker “Lazio”, these goals became the 18th and 19th in the current season. He chalked up 16 goals as part of the Roman team and three in the team’s location.

So, “Squadra Azzurra” won the largest victory in 69 years, and Roberto Mancini became the first coach in history, under whose leadership Italy won 11 times in a row. In turn, the Armenians survived the most serious defeat in history.

Coaching issue in Spain

Enough of large accounts in other matches. In particular, Spain sent five unrequited goals to the gates of a strong but demoralized Romania. Double in the composition of the hosts designed by Gerard Moreno.

By the way, the Villarreal midfielder, who made his debut in the national team just a month ago, quickly became his own in the national team. In three matches, he scored six points for performance (3 + 3).

The Spaniards completed the qualifying stage with 26 points in the asset. True, Robert Moreno, who brought out the "Red Fury" at Euro 2020, may lose his post. According to media reports, in the near future he will be replaced by Luis Enrique, who in the summer just lost his post in the national team assistant in connection with his daughter’s serious illness.

Moreno himself in September announced that he was ready to resign if he returned to Enrique. However, the specialist did not come to the press conference after the match with Romania, from which the journalists concluded that he was still not too pleased with what was happening.