On November 30, the European Championship 2020 will be drawn in Bucharest.

But it is a special draw, for many different reasons.

Playoff in March

On the one hand, the tournament is spread throughout Europe, which means that an unusual number of teams are allowed to play European Championships at home.

In addition, the draw will be done even though all teams are not yet qualified. For in March, the last four teams will play the Nations League playoff.

The organizers guaranteed home matches

And this is exactly what can cause total chaos. Uefa has announced that they may have to redo the draw in March, after the playoff game.

"If any of the organizer countries are in the playoff, a new playoff draw may be made after these matches," Uefa writes on its website.

This is because the host countries are guaranteed to play at least two matches at home. And both Scotland and Romania and Ireland are organizer countries and already ready for playoff games. In addition, Hungary can also end up in the playoff, and they too are host countries.


Sweden's national team captain Janne Andersson is strongly critical of the scheme.

- It's incredible, it's just like the Nations League. It has been touched upon. Unless we, who work with it, really understand how it works - how then should the common man, the football supporter who loves football, be able to get into it. I really hope it will be drawn next Saturday so that we can start to relate to something and that it will not be something about or but, he tells SVT Sport, and continues:

- That it is played in a number of different places ... It is a matter of course that there is not. But now that's the way it is and then we have to relate to it.