A charming smile, divine talent and imaginary skills, owned by former Brazilian star Ronaldinho and enchanted by the fans of the round witch, but the life of this "genius" model of "self-destruction" for the future of the football player.

This hard-to-repeat player in the history of the ball and retired early and left the limelight in his youth, slipped to the quagmire of women, alcohol and parties until it reached the point of sinking in debt and the inability to leave Brazil and withdraw his passport.

We go back to 2001 when he moved to Paris St Germain from Brazilian Gremio to explain that the player was so reckless that he was doing everything, to escape training and go to parties to meet women and drink alcohol and dance.

In a 2016 interview, former France teammate Jerome Leroy recounted that he "did not train all day of the week and was satisfied with the exercises the day before the match."

Even as he entered a pre-match camp he was running away to hang out on the streets of Paris, and about Ronaldinho, Tunisian teammate Salim Ben Achour says in an interview on November 1, 2017 that "before one match we went together to eat The food then went up to the room and we played the PlayStation until 11 pm and we went to sleep, and I learned later that Ronaldinho left the group and spent the night in a bar until 5 am.

Things didn't stop here, but when he came back from abroad to the French capital, he went to dance with the women and drink and then return to the venue of the match.

"I was suffering from an injury and the doctor asked me to return to Paris and Ronaldinho was with me in the same room. He told me I would go back with you to Paris. He went into the room and turned the air conditioner on," he said in an interview. The coldest person gets a cold and goes to the doctor who gave him medicine and asked him to return to Paris, and upon arrival in the French capital was a car full of women waiting for him to start the ceremony.

Just two years later, Ronaldinho moved from St Germain to Barcelona, ​​and it took another dimension.

Deco joined Ronaldinho and came to train drunks, prompting Barca to dispense with them to keep Argentine Lionel Messi "jewel" Barcelona at the time so as not to affect Ronaldinho negatively, because Messi loved the Brazilian and always talk about his bounty and help him to adapt quickly to the first team in Barça.

After five years with Barcelona, ​​the Brazilian "genius" moved to Milan, but did not offer much on the pitch.This was the last professional stations outside his country to return to Brazil and play with four different teams in four years, to announce his retirement in 2015 at the age of 35.

Ronaldinho, who once won the Golden Ball in 2005, dropped his knockout career because of his recklessness, lack of commitment and maturity on a personal level.

The player, who won the 2002 World Cup with his country, two Spanish La Liga titles, the Champions League with Barcelona, ​​the Serie A with Milan, and the Libertadores Cup with Atletico Mineiro, could have made a better career than Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo Lula 'the dark side of his life'.