The Dutch national team closes the European Championship qualification on Tuesday with a home match against Estonia. The Dutch are already sure of a European Championship ticket, but are still playing for a group win. Follow the duel, which started at 8.45 pm, in this live blog.

Good evening and welcome to this live blog! My name is Robbert van der Linde and I will keep you informed of all developments around the Netherlands-Estonia.

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Netherlands-Estonia · one minute ago

Wijnaldum: "Maybe this was a statement"
Even before Georginio Wijnaldum joined the band tonight, he already proved himself a real leader yesterday by speaking out loud and clear against racism during the press conference. "Yesterday was a day for everyone, an eye-opener. I said what I felt and today I gave everything I have. The fact that three goals come out of that is very nice. Maybe you could call that a statement. If you are a well-known soccer player, people might listen to you sooner. I had a stage with which I reached a lot of people. I said what many people think, I thought it should be said now. football as in social life. "

Netherlands-Estonia · 7 minutes ago

Myron Boadu liven up his debut for the Dutch national team with a goal. So for now the AZ striker is running one on one on behalf of the Orange.

Netherlands-Estonia · 9 minutes ago

The big man of the evening in the picture: captain Georginio Wijnaldum.

Netherlands-Estonia · 10 minutes ago

Wijnaldum leads Orange well past Estonia
The Dutch national team closed the qualification for the European Championship with a resounding 5-0 win over Estonia. Captain Georginio Wijnaldum is the big man with three hits in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. The other goals are in the name of Nathan Aké and debutant Myron Boadu.

Netherlands-Estonia · 12 minutes ago

Past! The final whistle of this qualification series sounds, the Netherlands ends this cycle with a resounding 5-0 victory over Estonia.

Netherlands-Estonia · 14 minutes ago

90 + 1 'Vassiljev will test whether Cillessen has fallen asleep during injury time. The keeper reacts alert to the captain's attempt and keeps his goal clean.

Netherlands-Estonia · 15 minutes ago

Four of the five hits of Orange are made by these two tonight: Georginio Wijnaldum and Myron Boadu.

Netherlands-Estonia · 20 minutes ago

87 'GOAL the Netherlands! 5-0

Calvin Stengs listens to his international debut with two assists, but Myron Boadu scores with a goal! The eighteen-year-old rookie is sent away with a nice bowball by co-substitute Kevin Strootman and passes the ball under the keeper. His goal account with Orange is therefore immediately opened.

Netherlands-Estonia · 21 minutes ago

Georginio Wijnaldum is the first player to make a hat trick on behalf of the Orange squad since Robin van Persie did that against Hungary in 2013. Van Persie was also the captain at the time, the band apparently has magical powers in the Dutch national team.

3️⃣ - @GWijnaldum is the first player to score a hat-trick for the Netherlands since Robin van Persie in an 8-1 World Cup qualifying win against Hungary on 11 October 2013. #NEDEST # EURO2020

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Netherlands-Estonia · 22 minutes ago

Weghorst: "Nice goals, Gini! Can I make the next one?"

Netherlands-Estonia · 25 minutes ago

The supplier sets the right example. They call it Leading by Example in England, where Wijnaldum naturally plays for Liverpool.

Netherlands-Estonia · 28 minutes ago

78 'GOAL the Netherlands! 4-0

It is the evening of Georginio Wijnaldum. The midfielder also made his first hat trick on behalf of the Dutch in his first international match as captain. He is driven extremely well by Calvin Stengs, cuts out a man and hits his third goal flawlessly.

Netherlands-Estonia · 31 minutes ago

75 'Boadu sees himself already making his first goal for the Orange, but keeper Lepmets puts a stop to that and taps the bar.

Netherlands-Estonia · 32 minutes ago

74 'The Netherlands continues to hunt for more goals. First Weghorst shoots the fists of the keeper, then Stengs and Pröpper see their bets blocked by a defender.

Netherlands-Estonia · 33 minutes ago

The triumphant pose of Georginio Wijnaldum after his second (and Oranjes third) goal.

Netherlands-Estonia · 35 minutes ago

According to the statistics agencies, Calvin Stengs indeed gets the assist to his name. A great way to start your career with the Dutch national team, or is there even more for the 20-year-old attacker?

Netherlands-Estonia · 37 minutes ago

With seven hits, Wijnaldum is now top scorer of Orange in this calendar year. As the number two on that list, Memphis Depay, has already been brought to the side, the midfielder will be the most productive Dutch team-player of 2019.

Netherlands-Estonia · 41 minutes ago

66 'GOAL the Netherlands! 3-0

A gift from Estonia will still be the third Dutch hit! Calvin Stengs steals the ball from Karol Mets and launches Georginio Wijnaldum, who can walk on like this. The captain of Orange remains calm and simply pushes in his second goal of the evening.

Netherlands-Estonia · 42 minutes ago

64 'Luuk de Jong was allowed to try for an hour in the rush hour. He is replaced by Wout Weghorst.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

Because Luuk de Jong remains at the forefront, Myron Boadu plays from the left flank in his debut. Perhaps that is the reason that Estonia now brings a fresh right back to the team with Baranov.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

60 'The Orange is much stronger than Estonia even after halftime, but is not able to improve the score yet. It is a search for a hole in the Estonian defense.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

A great moment for Myron Boadu. The attacker is allowed to make his debut for the Dutch national team, just like his AZ mate Calvin Stengs against Estonia. National coach Ronald Koeman wishes him good luck.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

48 'Stengs continues to look for his first goal for the Dutch team after the break. The attempt is good, but the keeper also saves. Lepmets floats nicely to the corner and therefore prevents Stengs from his first international goal.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

46 'We will continue in the Johan Cruijff ArenA. Myron Boadu comes in for Memphis Depay and makes his official debut for the Orange.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

Talking about debutants: Myron Boadu gets warm during the break. It is almost inevitable that the AZ attacker will also make his first minutes in the Dutch jersey after the break.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

Calvin Stengs has had a nice debut so far. The attacker has already been close to his first goal and assist for the Dutch team and usually taps well, but sometimes looks a bit awkward.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

No dirt in the air for the Dutch national team. The Orange is much stronger than Estonia and expresses that in the score via Georginio Wijnaldum and Nathan Aké. It is therefore halfway 2-0 for the Netherlands in the Johan Cruijff ArenA.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

Peace! Arbiter Massa sends the teams to the dressing room.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

The defender can then celebrate his second goal (in thirteen international matches) on behalf of the Orange.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

Nathan Aké heads the ball on goal and will see a second later that it leads to a goal.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

With five goals in his last five international matches, we can say that Georginio Wijnaldum is on fire on behalf of the Orange.

5⃣ goals in 5⃣ games for @GWijnaldum # EURO2020

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Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

36 'Estonia must only have distance shots so far, but they are not without danger. Sorga's attempt only just flew past the post.

Netherlands-Estonia · one hour ago

This acid-looking man is Karel Voolaid, the Estonian national coach. The decision maker sees that his team has nothing to say and is already trailing 2-0 against the Dutch team, so it is unlikely that he will look even happier tonight.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

A good example of the close bond within this Orange. The players on the field celebrate the opening goal of Wijnaldum with the bench and staff.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

29 'The first chance for Luuk de Jong. The cross from Wijnaldum is good, but the header of the striker does not go enough towards the corner.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

27 'Estonia actually thinks to get a chance through Teniste, but the right back shoots right at Cillessen and is also flagged back for offside.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

After the opening goal, Georginio Wijnaldum and Frenkie de Jong make a statement against racism. The two midfielders show that skin color does not matter and that football is from and for everyone.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

Declarant Quincy Promes and goal scorer Georginio Wijnaldum celebrate the first goal.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

Georginio Wijnaldum towers high above everyone and heads in the opening goal.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

21 'The Dutch goal hunger is not yet saturated. Van Aanholt gets the chance from Frenkie de Jong to also report on the scoreboard. With its lesser right foot, the left back, however, only produces a weak roll, which can easily be parried by the goalkeeper.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

19 'GOAL Netherlands! 2-0

The second Dutch hit is a copy of the first, only in mirror image. This time the cross comes from the left of the foot of Memphis Depay, after which Nathan Aké puts his head against it and nods well in the far corner. The Dutch are technically more skilled than Estonia, but the two goals are also apparent in the air.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

17 'Wijnaldum gets the ball for his feet after good hunting by Stengs. The captain fails to complete his second of the evening, as he shoots straight at keeper Lepmets.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

14 'Now Stengs even has the opportunity to score immediately on his debut. The young attacker can only approach the Estonian keeper, but is caught up and kicked off by former NAC player Mets.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

11 'Stengs almost adds to his debut with an assist. The cross of the offside player just skimmed past Memphis's forehead, who had the ball for the head.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

10 'The orange continues cheerfully, it will be a long evening for the Estonians if it continues like this. After a heel from Memphis and a cross from Frenkie de Jong, the former can run away on the right flank, but an Estonian defender just got his toe in between.

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

6 'GOAL Netherlands! 1-0

Orange puts Estonia directly with its back to the wall and the pressure immediately results in a hit. Georginio Wijnaldum heads in a measured pass from Quincy Promes counterattack. A captain's goal from the midfielder!

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

The New Wave is coming ... EURO # EURO2020 #TheNewWave

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Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

Now that the duel has started, the debut of Calvin Stengs has also been definitively added to the history books. Can the AZ attacker give his baptism of fire extra shine?

Netherlands-Estonia · 2 hours ago

1 'Estonia has got the ball rolling in Amsterdam, the last European Championship qualifying game of Orange has started!

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