Ozeki Takayasu to fall on the side of the Seki Kyushu location overcoming the sumo wrestling confirmed 19 November at 13:22

Kakuban Ozeki Takayasu, who has closed the Sumo Kyushu site from the 8th day of the middle day, did not participate on the 11th day of the 20th.

Takayasu was injured by a left elbow injury and closed in the autumn of September.

However, after 7 days, 3 wins and 4 losses and lack of detail, he entered the ring on the middle day and the 8th day of the 17th day.

Takayasu did not enter the 11th day on the 20th, which was announced on the 19th, and it was decided that the losing in two consecutive places was settled down from Ozeki to Sekiwaki.

Takayasu, who was promoted to Ozeki after the summer of Ototoshi, fell into Sekiwaki at the 15th place.

It is the third time that Ozeki falls to Sekiwaki after entering the event, the third person following the fallen Tochinoshin, and the scenic beauty that returned to Ozeki.

Takayasu can return to Ozeki if he wins 10 or more wins at the first place in January next year.

Taganoura Master "First of all, we decided to cure well"

Ozeki Takayasu ’s decision about the fall of Sekiwaki ’s decision was made by Master Takonoura, who said, “I do n’t want to fall on Sekiwaki, but he ’s halfway and shows a strange sumo to customers. I can't help. First, I decided to cure well, "explained," The person himself has also changed his mind. If he treats it well, he can still get a sumo. I wanted to do it. "