DeNA Tsutsuka to negotiate with all major league teams on November 19 at 14:05

With regard to Yoshitomo Tsutsuka, who aims to transfer to the major league using the posting system from professional baseball DeNA, the major league organization has informed the team that it is now possible to negotiate contracts with all the major league teams that want to win. .

A 27-year-old Tsutsuka player is a left batter representing Japan who has hit 205 home runs in total, aiming to transfer to the major league baseball team using this posting system.

In response to Tsutsuka's request, DeNA applied for a posting last week, and the Major League Organization informed the 30 teams on the 18th that Tsutsuka could be contracted.

With this, the major league team that is willing to pay the transfer money to DeNA to acquire Tsutsuka players will be able to negotiate with Tsutsuka players. It is 20 days.

Tsutsuka's representative has already said that several teams are interested in Tsutsuka, and it will be noted which team will be negotiating with him in the future.