The France team qualified for Euro 2020 by finishing first in their group. If the euro will start on June 12, 2020, Did Did Deschamps have already been part of its list? Alain Roche, Gregory Schneider (Liberation), Jean-Francois Peres, Cyrille De La Morinerie and Christophe Lamarre answer the question asked by Lionel Rosso, Sunday evening in Europe 1 Sport.

Journalist for Europe 1, Cyrille De La Morinerie describes Didier Deschamps as "conservative", recalling also that the coach "does not like last-minute changes." In the light of the Euro 2020, Didier Deschamps should rely on its hard core made up of world champions "Griezmann, Pogba, Kante, Matuidi, Hernandez, Varane", comments Cyrille De La Morinerie.

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According to Christophe Lamarre, "The door is still open for some players even if there is a good chance that Deschamps will go to Euro 2020 with the world champions, and so tonight ( Sunday night against Albania, ed) ), it gives the opportunity to players who still have time to play, to express themselves.By the month of March, there will be no international meeting and Deschamps needs to see some players. "

A surprise in sight?

Always very faithful in his choices, Didier Deschamps can he create the surprise in the optics of the euro 2020? Our head of the sports department Jean-Francois Peres, prefers to dwell on the case of Thomas Lemar who, according to him "is very neutral in his entries.This player does not have the expected trajectory.It is the same for Nabil Fekir, much less flamboyant than a few seasons ago Fifteen-sixteen players are indisputable, five-six players are for the moment, but without certainty in view of the next few months.

A notice not necessarily shared by Grégory Schneider. The Liberation journalist explains "Football being what it is, there will be some injuries." The French team has been playing without Pogba for five or six matches Will Lloris regain his level There are several questions At the 2018 World Cup, he had created a surprise with Pavard and Hernandez at the very last moment. "

According to Grégory Schneider, "You may have to think of Lucas's brother, Theo Hernandez, if you look at the hopes of the central defenders you can also bring something in. For too long, some players have been 'neutral' on this team. What about Lemar, Thavin or Fekir? That leaves why not, a margin for Martial.