“Airbnb” For the Olympic Games Sports experience service with former players 14:31 on November 19

Airnbnb, which operates a private overnight brokerage site, will start a service that will allow them to experience sports together with former Olympic athletes for next year's Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

According to the announcement, Airnbnb has signed a partnership agreement with the IOC = International Olympic Committee and will start a service that allows people in private nights to experience sports together with former Olympic athletes by next summer.

There is also an aim to support the second career by creating opportunities for players who have retired to earn income.

In addition, in order to respond to the shortage of accommodation facilities that are a concern during the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics, we accept private accommodation by opening workshops and other events that allow guests to stay in private housing for a limited time. I will cooperate with the expansion.

Airbnb's Japanese subsidiary Yasuyuki Tanabe said, “I would like to have an international exchange through private nights at the Tokyo Olympics, an event that may happen once in a lifetime.”