He has had a tough period behind him and it did not get any better in terms of playing time when the national team collection started. Benched the entire match against Romania and he also did not start when Janne Andersson made ten changes to the starting eleven against the Faroe Islands.

- I knew it would be so. I'm happy about the playing time I got, says Guidetti, who switched in the 65th minute.

Still, in the stands, it was a lot about Guidetti, who has grown into something of an audience favorite for the blue-yellow heel. He himself thinks that is because he has always done everything for the national team.

- I think everyone - regardless of whether they like me or more - knows that I have always bled for this emblem and that I have always stood up and tried to do my absolute best for this flag.

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Here Sweden wins the last qualifying match Photo: Bildbyrån

- From that aspect it is difficult to criticize me, that I did not do everything for my country, because I do not think that I do not do.

And once he got playing time, he gave the audience what they wanted. Guidetti scored the 3-0 goal - not least considering his tough time at club Alaves.

- That's how football is. It is turned on a five-ring. It's a corner, a nod, a goal later ... you understand? Was I the same football player 25 minutes ago? Probably. But does it feel better now? Sure it does, Guidetti says in the mixed zone after the match and continues:

- That's what is so wonderful about this sport. I think it's been sailing headwind for a while so it's time for the wind to turn. Then we certainly rub a bench against Eibar on Saturday. But you can enjoy now and kiss the family.