Nobunari Oda sues Mieda Hamada coach of top player guidance November 18th 18:09

A former figure athlete of figure skating, Nobunari Oda, was in charge of the Kansai University Ice Skating Club, who was the director, and claimed that he received harassment such as ignorance and hidden behind the many top athletes coach. Accused of seeking.

It was former figure skater Nobunari Oda who appealed to the Osaka District Court.

According to the appeals, Oda-san was appointed as the director of Kansai University's ice skating club in April, but insisted that he was repeatedly harassed by Mieda Hamada's coach and being accused of being intimidated. doing.

Then, because of his mental distress, he was forced to resign from the director in September, so he asked Koda to pay 10 million yen.

Ms. Oda, who met after the complaint, criticized the university, claiming that she was asked to investigate Kansai University but did not do enough, and conversely she was asked not to clarify the facts.

After that, he explained why he decided to appeal, “I wanted to make it possible for students and athletes on the rink to practice in a better and healthy environment.”

Coach Mieda Koda hasn't commented on the lawsuit so far, but Kansai University said, “I ’m not aware of the content of the lawsuit, so I ’ll refrain from commenting. It ’s a pity that the lawsuit was filed during this hard work period, and we ’re still working to maintain and improve the quiet environment. ”

Nobunari Oda won 7th place at the Vancouver Olympics

Nobunari Oda is 32 years old from Osaka Prefecture. Under the guidance of a former figure skater's mother, she emerged from her childhood and won 7th place in the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

He retired from the 2013 all-Japan championship and was active in a wide range of activities, including appearances on ice shows, commentators on TV programs, and commentary on figure skating.

Then, in April, I was appointed as the director of Kansai University's ice skating club at my old school.

Mieda Hamada Coach Nurturing many top players

Coach Miei Coach is 60 years old from Kyoto City. Former figure skater, after graduating from university, became an instructor of figure skating.

Initially, I was teaching with links in Kyoto Prefecture, but since 2007 I have been teaching with links from Kansai University.

Mr. Yukina Ota, who won the 2004 Four Continents Championship, and Tomoko Miyahara, who won fourth place at last year ’s Pyeongchang Olympics, and Kihei, who won last year ’s Grand Prix Final. Numerous top players such as Ewha have been trained.

Recently, overseas players such as American Vincent Jo who won the bronze medal in the men ’s single of the World Championship, and Yoo Yong in Korea who finished 3rd in the women ’s single of the Grand Prix Series Canada last month. I am also teaching.

The history so far

Former figure skating player Nobunari Oda took office in April as the director of the ice skating club at Kansai University.

I was working on the development of players while appearing on ice shows and TV shows, but in September, the university announced that Oda had resigned as “Oda had requested to resign”.

However, three weeks later, Oda insisted in his blog that "the real reason was harassment of me in the link, and the effect of that, and I got sick from around the spring".

Among them, Mr. Oda talked with the university side in July and talked with the lawyer and waited for the investigation of the university, but he reported that there was no report of the investigation.

On the other hand, the university commented, “There were disagreements over teaching methods, but I could not confirm harassment,” and commented, “We are ready to continue discussion and want to respond to Shinji.” It was.

About Kansai University Ice Skating Club

The Kansai University Ice Skating Club is divided into two competitions, figure skating and speed skating, and is based on a link in the campus of Takatsuki, Osaka.

Among them, the figure skating division produces many top players, including Daisuke Takahashi, who won the bronze medal of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, and Miki Machida, who won the silver medal at the 2014 World Championship. Mr. Nobunari Oda was an OB at Kansai University and was supervising from April to September.

On the other hand, at the link of Kansai University, apart from the university's ice skating club, there is also a “Kansai University Kaiser's Figure Skating Club” to which local players such as juniors belong, and 17-year-old Kihei who won last year's Grand Prix Final There are more than 20 people including Rika.

This club is divided into three groups: Mieda Hamada, who teaches Kihei and others, and Nagako Utako, who has taught Daisuke Takahashi, Nobunari Oda, and Noriko Oda.

The university's ice skating club and the figure skating club, which Oda-san served as a director, are separate organizations, but they share one link and use them according to time. Operates in cooperation.