Director Moribo soccer interviewed before Venezuela match Expected to be the first elected player November 18 20:22

Japan soccer national team coach Yasushi Mori held a press conference for a strengthening match against Venezuela on the 19th, and about the newly joined players “Each has its own characteristics. I expected.

Japan, which is ranked 28th in the world ranking, will play a reinforcement game against Venezuela, which ranks 26th in the world, in Suita City, Osaka.

In order to uncover new strengths, the upcoming match will be replaced by 9 members from the World Cup Qatar Asian Round 2 Kyrgyz match against Athlon on 14th of this month.

Players belonging to the European team, such as Takumi Minamino who contributed to the victory by scoring 5 consecutive goals in the second place of the Japanese national team, dropped out, Vissel Kobe's midfielder, Satoshi Furuhashi and Oita Trinita's forward, Players selected for the first time in the J-League, such as Onai Ado, joined together.

In the practice that took place at the game venue, Furuhashi turned the ball with his mainstay Takeshi Shibasaki with a serious expression.

Director Moribo said at the press conference, “I am happy to be able to fight against powerful opponents in South America, and I am looking forward to a valuable game that will strengthen the Japanese national team. Each has its own features. I wanted you to make the most of it. ”

Japan has played against Venezuela four times in the past, with a total of 1 win and 3 draws.

A reinforcement game between Japan and Venezuela will be kicked off at 7:25 pm on the 19th.

Furuhashi selected for the first time

Vissel Kobe's midfielder, who is the first representative of Japan this time, says Furuhashi Atsushi, “The representatives have their own skills and they are doing fun. “I want to go, I have nothing to lose, so I want to show my strength and fight for victory.”

Shibasaki “I want to win with maximum power”

The mainstay of the Japanese national team, midfielder Takeshi Shibasaki, said, “It is welcome that various players are chosen as representatives and the competition becomes fierce and it will be a welcome force. I think it will be a serious game, and I want to play a good match in front of the supporters. "

Ueda “I want to find results and content”

Defender Naoto Ueda said, “The condition is recovering for the tomorrow without any problems. If you play badly, you will not be chosen next, and you will be in danger. I think that it is often a positive for my own growth.I want to find out the results as well as the contents, and I want to show what I do in practice in the game. "