Football fans in the world know Uruguayan star Luis Suarez Barcelona striker as a "bitten" and "fighter" and claims to fall into the penalty area of ​​the opponents to get fictitious penalties sometimes, until it became known as "pistolero" (pistol).

But do they know who the real "Lewis Swires" is?

A video posted on social media dating back more than three years shows Suarez crying at a news conference when he met a girl with metabolic syndrome.

Suarez justified his crying that he had children and that the disease affects the children, and promised that he would make an effort to combat it, and before he ended his words cried again.

The sick girl gave her shirt to Suarez, who promised to dedicate his next goal. Moreover, Suarez organized a "charity auction" to raise money to help fight the disease.

This incident came in a different context for the stereotype of the famous striker talented striker who filled the world and filled the people "consecutive" of several players, which cost him absent from the stadiums for long periods.

Anyone who does not mention an incident who refused to shake hands with Man United defender Patrick Evra on February 11, 2012, was then punished by denial of eight matches and fined about $ 50,000.

But off the pitch, he has a delicate sense of passion. He loves his family of two boys and a girl, and celebrates after every goal he scores by kissing his ring, wrist and three fingers in reference to his family.

The other side of Suarez has also emerged from his deep friendship with Argentine Lionel Messi, the boys of the players go to the same school and play football with each other.

`` We are not only footballers but also parents, we share the same habits and our generation is one, '' Suarez told Kickers magazine in 2018.

In the end we cannot blame the fans if they do not know the other side of their favorite player in particular, but the player was largely media injustice after his bad behavior covered his delicate personality.