Argentine captain Lionel Messi verbally exchanged with Brazil coach Tete during a friendly match between South American giants in Riyadh on Friday, but the Argentine striker finally laughed after his team continued their good career by winning 1-0.

Messi looked at the side of the stadium and put his finger on his mouth and then made another signal with his hand appeared to the coach of Brazil.

#Messi asked Tite (Brazil's coach) to be quiet 🤐🤫

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Tete admitted that he had complained to the referee during the first half and said he had exchanged words with Messi.

"I was complaining because Messi should have been given a warning and told me to keep quiet and then told him to close his mouth," Tete said.

Tete played down the situation and highlighted Messi's performance and Argentina's right to win.

Messi made a great offer for Argentina during his return to international activity after being suspended for four matches.

He scored the only goal of the game in the 14th minute from a penalty that he missed after Alison saved it, and could have scored more without the vigilance of the defense and goalkeeper.

- Drafts 2.0 (@ drafts_2) November 15, 2019

- Drafts 2.0 (@ drafts_2) November 15, 2019

The result is encouraging for Argentina, who have now played six games unbeaten in their longest positive streak since 2016.

"Since the start of the game we tried to play well and we missed some chances and the opponent had some chances but we were much better in the second half," Messi said.

"Winning makes it a lot easier and it is positive that we continue to progress. I finished the game well and we all worked hard and that is our role."

Argentina face Uruguay in another friendly next week while Brazil play South Korea.