Preparation Committee for Rugby Pro League establishment November 13th 23:12

With the challenge of connecting the excitement of the Rugby World Cup Japan tournament in the future, the Japan Rugby Association has set up a preparatory committee to proceed with the study to establish a new professional league.

At the Rugby World Cup, which closed this month, Japan had a great excitement, such as achieving the first best 8 in history, but how to connect it to the future development of domestic rugby is an issue.

At the Japan Rugby Association, Vice Chairman Katsuyuki Kiyomiya clarified the concept of opening a new professional league in 2021, and established a project team to negotiate with the top league and local government officials. .

On the 13th, the Japan Association's board of directors held in Tokyo decided to set up a preparatory committee to further consider the establishment of a professional league.

The Preparatory Committee is made up of Vice President Kiyomiya, chairman of the association and top league team members, and will exchange opinions on the coexistence with the top league and entry requirements.

“The future of Japan's rugby will taper off as it is now. All of the directors have a sense of crisis. Where we have to work with a sense of speed and think carefully. I want to discuss it firmly. "