Para athletics 13 days result Women's 100m foot disability class Serizawa is Japanese record November 14th 4:27

The Para athletics world championship held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on the 13th day of the 7th day of the tournament, the final of a class with a disability in the women's 100-meter foot was held and Tomomi Serizawa updated his own Japan record I finished 6th with a time of 16 seconds 39.

In the final of a class with a disability for women's 100 meter legs, Serizawa, who won a bronze medal on the previous day, jumped to 6th place with a good time of 16 seconds 39, which updates the Japanese record by 2/100 seconds. It was.

Maekawa Satoshi was 7th in 16 seconds 86.

In the men's wheelchair wheelchair class final, Ryo Kosone marked the best of the season with 23 meters and 37 centimeters.

In the final of the Men ’s Long Jump intellectual disability class, Kota Kokubo was 8th in 6 meters 49 centimeters.

In the men's 5,000-meter wheelchair class qualifying, Masayuki Higuchi, 10 minutes 49 seconds 42, 1 group 4th place, Kubo Tsunezo 10 minutes 35 seconds 59, 2 groups 7th place, Watanabe Masaru 11 minutes 15 seconds In 39, it was 6th place in 3 sets, and both lost in qualifying.

Serizawa “I was able to use my strength”

Atsumi Serizawa looked back at the race, saying, “I tried to do my best as much as I can now, while I was tired from running long jumps yesterday.

On top of that, regarding the fact that it has been doing well this season, “Adjustments for this tournament are well shaped. Prosthetic leg, training, physical and mental have gradually become the result.” I was talking.