Senbatsu High School Baseball next spring set for two days off November 13 16:04

Next year, the Senbatsu High School Baseball kicked off on March 19th, and for the first time in Senbatsu it was decided to have a two-day rest day to manage the physical condition of the players.

Next year, the Senbatsu High School Baseball Steering Committee held at Koshien Stadium was held in Nishi-ku, Osaka on the 13th, and the outline of the tournament was decided.

According to it, the 92nd spring next year, Sembatsu will be held on March 19th and will be held for 13 days, and for the physical condition management of the athletes, the rest day that was only the day after the quarter-final so far, the semi-final A new day was set up on the next day, and a total of two days were set.

It is the first time in the spring of Senbatsu that the rest days are two days after the national high school baseball in summer.

Participating schools are 32 schools as usual, and the breakdown is that 28 schools will be given general selection based on the results of the district convention in autumn, and the district where the winning school of the Meiji Jingu convention in autumn will belong There are three schools in the “21st Century Framework”, which covers 1 school, and schools that have achieved good results after overcoming difficult situations.

The selection committee will be held on January 24th next year, and the combination drawing will be held on March 13th in Osaka.