• Last match: Luka Doncic: his top score in the NBA and a "bad decision"

At age 13, Luka Doncic landed in Spain, a boy they remember as shy off the track as bold with the ball in his hands. With 14 and 15 he left feats never seen before in the quarry of Real Madrid that inaugurated his legend. With 16 he debuted in the ACB and in the Euroleague and with 17 he was still amazing, engulfing records and winning his first professional titles (Copa and Liga Endesa). With the coming of age, another boom: European champion with Slovenia. With 19 there was no one better than him on the continent; Not only did he win the White Euroleague, he also said goodbye to the MVP of the competition, the Final Four and the ACB. At that age he debuted big in the NBA, where he did not need to blow the 20 candles to sign his first triple-double or to score 30 points in a single duel. His name matched that of the myths: Magic , LeBron , Jordan , Curry ... From record to record until the Rookie of the year and not too far from debuting in the All Star.

But there is no dike for the exhausting achievement of achievements. Doncic never ceases to amaze, without a trace of what is known in the NBA as wall, the logical wall that, in many cases, interrupts the progression of a rookie or sophomore (second-year players). Step by step, always up. Perhaps only in his service sheet could you see a macula, his absence in the World Cup, although he could do little for his country in the qualifying Windows. Still, summer fallow has been another spring for the wonder boy. His start of the course, again, is proving so fascinating that he is able to approach the greatest myths in the history of basketball and even sneak into the discussion for the MVP of the season. Although it is still something chimerical, evidently, he would be the youngest to conquer it: Derrick Rose did it with 22 years (2011).

As soon as he finished last season in April with the Mavericks, without playoffs but with 21.2 points, 7.8 rebounds and six assists per night, Luka returned to Madrid to support his former teammates in the Euroleague quarter series against The Panathinaikos It was the first and last thing he did, because he was also seen in the Palace during the Super Cup, at the end of September. After a holiday in the Greek islands, he got to work. «Doncic has worked hard this summer. People will come for him in his second year and the continuous work of the body and conditioning and the development of his game will keep him in the direction to become a great player, ”said Rick Carlisle , while the boy exhibited on social networks Your continuous gym sessions.

Six and a half months without disputing an official match, an unprecedented break in his vertiginous career, which took advantage, among other things, to lose nine kilos. «It's the first time I've had so many days of vacation. Now I am faster, so I guess my defense will also be better, ”said the Slovenian before starting the course.

The results have not been expected and not only in their physical appearance, which is obvious. Its start has exceeded expectations, already high. To the point that it touches averaging a double triple (27.7, 10.8 and 9.1), with 48% success in the launch. Only two players in the history of the NBA have managed to complete a season over the ten in three statistical sections, Oscar Robertson in 1962 and Russell Westbrook in 2017 and 2018. In nine games, Luka signed four and is only one from another legend: Magic Johnson (13 before age 21). He is the seventh highest scorer of the competition, the second in assists ...

In this state, his debut in the All Star would be safe, although not everything is joy in the present of Doncic. After a first course in Dallas in which winning did not matter so much, now the losses sting. More if they are his fault, like Friday at home against the Knicks - on Saturday he redeemed himself before the Grizzlies - where Doncic exceeded his scoring record (38 points), but was excessively erratic in the outcome and even rushed into the play in which all the options of local triumph were finished, a very distant and badly thrown triple that erred. "It has been a bad decision, I have left my team lying down," he said, self-inflicted, visibly pissed off. His connection on the track with Porzingis , back after a year in the dry dock, is another aspect to continue improving, such as his success from triple, which remains stagnant in 32%, for the boy who never fails to impress .

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