UAE national bodybuilding coach Zuaid Al Zaabi has confirmed that the UAE bodybuilding sport will remember the current version of the World Bodybuilding World Cup, which concluded in Fujairah yesterday, after the successes achieved, and record unprecedented gains. He assured Emirates Today that seven new figures were achieved as follows:

Wassafa Center

The team won the silver medal in the overall standings, the first time it was in the top positions as the best achievement.

Number of medals

The team succeeded in winning 12 colored medals, breaking previous tournament numbers, which saw Ayoub Al-Ammar win one silver medal in the 2017 FIFA World Cup and Mohammed Salem Al-Zahmi in the 2012 FIFA World Cup.

Gold medals

The players won four gold medals won by Khalifa Berman (two gold), Almas Mousa and Abdullah Rabia, the first time achieved for the players.

Champion of Champions

Khalifa Berman Al Hamoudi became the first Emirati player to win the Champions League title, revealing a global talent that will be of great significance.

Number of team players

The team represented 40 players in the largest number of participants in the world championships, after the number was limited to four or five players at most.

8 rulers

Eight national referees have helped manage a number of competitions at the World Cup in Fujairah, while international referees Walid Abdulkarim and Jassim Ashkanani became the first two to run two consecutive tournaments, after they participated in the World Cup in Spain last year.

National technical staff

The team succeeded for the first time in participating and winning the supervision and training of a technical staff consisting entirely of national trainers, and managed to achieve unusual achievements.