Para athletics world championship 4th day result November 11th 8:20

This is the result of Para Para World Championship held in Dubai, UAE, on the 4th day of the tournament.

In the final of the men ’s long jump prosthetic leg class, Atsushi Yamamoto, who was second in the world ranking, recorded 6 meters and 40 centimeters and won third place to win a bronze medal.

In the final of a class with a disability in the women's 400-meter arm, Sae Shigemoto, who won a bronze medal at the Rio de Janeiro Paralympics, finished 7th in the time of 1 minute 0:65, a second that was 1 second later than his personal best. I missed the representative appointment of the Paralympic Games.

Also, in the final of the class where the men's throwing arm has a disability, Shuya Takahashi updated his personal best twice and marked 57 meters and 20 centimeters in sixth place. Yasuhiro Yamazaki was seventh and Takumi Shirasuna was eighth.

In the other finals, Furuya Anju was 6th and Sayaka Hamada was 7th in the women's 1500m intellectual disability class.

In the qualifying class, Shunsuke Itani advanced to the final in 7th place in the 100-meter male prosthetic leg class.

In the class where the boy's 100-meter arm has a disability, Ishida Ryu was ranked 14th and Suzuki Yudai was ranked 15th, but Kenta Hadoto was eliminated in qualifying at 19th.

Besides this, Yuran Sawada is 8th in the women's 100 meter visually impaired class.

In the men's 100-meter visually impaired class, Yamaya Aya finished in 15th place, and both lost in qualifying.