NBA Yuta Watanabe This season's first appearance 4 points November 10 18:44

NBA = American professional basketball, Grizzlies's Yuta Watanabe participated for the first time this season in the match against Mavericks on the 9th and scored 4 points for both shots.

Watanabe participated in 15 games in Grizzlies last season as a Japanese player's second NBA player and signed a “two-way contract” with Grizzlies this season that can be tied to the top team for a certain period of time while playing in the lower league. is.

On the 9th, Watanabe entered the 4th quarter on his way to the 4th quarter after joining Mavericks in Memphis.

At the first participation opportunity of this season, where the team was greatly led and the remaining time was short, Watanabe first picked up the spilled ball and decided to shoot. I decided to shoot.

Watanabe played 2 minutes and 51 seconds in this game, and decided to score 2 shots and scored 4 goals and 1 rebound.

The game was defeated by Grizzlies 122-138.