Sheffield United coach Chris Wilder, despite the handsome draw of his team on Saturday against Tottenham Hotspur (1-1), left a bitter aftertaste to the game. Sheffield saw a goal rejected in London following a controversial decision by the VAR.

David McGoldrick seemed to put Sheffield at 1-1 in the second half, but the party was abruptly interrupted when the VAR concluded that John Lundstram had been offside in the run-up to the goal with a toe length. It was only after looking at the images for minutes that the knot was cut.

"Some aspects of the VAR are bad for football," Wilder analyzed afterwards. "Those responsible must be looked at very critically in the summer. The VAR will always remain, but we must try to work with it in a better way."

Wilder especially regretted that afterwards it was not so much about Sheffield's handsome series, that as a PhD student surprisingly fifth in the Premier League, but that the VAR demanded all attention.

"That does indeed make me sick," the 52-year-old coach agreed. "After almost every match it is about the VAR again. This system has really changed football.

Trainer Chris Wilder and attacker David McGoldrick thank the audience. (Photo: Pro Shots)

'I have long toes'

Whether the VAR was ultimately right when McGoldrick's rejected goal was correct was, according to Wilder, very much the question.

"We wonder if the image has been stopped at the right moment. That the game has been stopped for so long before a decision is made is not good anyway, certainly not for the supporters. And there was a clear error here the referee who had to intervene? Certainly not. "

McGoldrick refused to worry too much about his failed goal afterwards. "I have long toes, my teammates know that," he joked.

"Well, the VAR can turn out to be to your disadvantage. In the end the correct decision will have been taken. If the referee goes to the side to consult the images, then you know what time it is."


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