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Feyenoord leads a young penalty against Young Boys


In the fourth round of the Europa League group stage, the three Dutch clubs play in succession. Feyenoord closes the line in De Kuip against Young Boys (9 p.m.). Earlier in the evening, AZ won a 0-5 visit to FC Astana and PSV lost to LASK Linz (4-1). Follow everything in this live blog.

In the fourth round of the Europa League group stage, the three Dutch clubs play in succession. Feyenoord closes the line in De Kuip against Young Boys (9 p.m.). Earlier in the evening, AZ won a 0-5 visit to FC Astana and PSV lost to LASK Linz (4-1). Follow everything in this live blog.

Good evening! My name is Robbert van der Linde and in this live blog I will keep you informed about the performances of the Dutch clubs in the Europa League tonight!

  • LIVE:
  • Feyenoord-Young Boys 1-0
  • Rash:
  • Astana-AZ 0-5
  • LASK PSV 4-1

Feyenoord-Young Boys · 4 minutes ago

18 'GOAL Feyenoord! 1-0

Steven Berghuis shoots the penalty hard and clear in the corner and makes De Kuip explode. David von Ballmoos is diving in the right direction, but has no chance against the very accurate deployment of the Feyenoord captain. This is the start that the people of Rotterdam wanted.

Feyenoord-Young Boys · 5 minutes ago

17 ' Penalty Feyenoord! Haps goes on an adventure over the left flank, the ball seems a bit too far ahead, but is knocked down by Lotomba. The ball is on the dot!

Feyenoord-Young Boys · 8 minutes ago

14 'Both teams put a lot of energy in the first fifteen minutes. Fitness was sometimes a point of attention at Feyenoord this season, how long will the people of Rotterdam keep up this pace?

LASK-PSV · 13 minutes ago

The PSV players were down on the field from LASK Linz. It is a crisis among the wandering Eindhoven residents.

Feyenoord-Young Boys · 14 minutes ago

7 'Sinisterra gets the first chance of the match and it is immediately a big one. A low cross from Karsdorp comes to the Colombian, who has to shoot the ball. His shot is cracked and bumps a meter wide. The following corner yields nothing.

Feyenoord-Young Boys · 16 minutes ago

6 'Feyenoord and Young Boys make it a physical opening phase. Fierce duels are fought out in midfield.

Feyenoord-Young Boys · 20 minutes ago

Feyenoord fights for its last chance for the winter in the Europa League. Rotterdammers actually have to beat Young Boys to keep an eye on that. #feyyou

Avatar Author Jeroen BijmaMoment of places21: 01 - 7 November 2019

Europa League · 21 minutes ago

These late-night matches in the Europa League are also underway.

  • Braga Besiktas
  • Espanyol-Ludogorets
  • Ferencvaros-CSKA Moscow
  • Manchester United-Partizan
  • Borussia Mönchengladbach-AS Roma
  • Oleksandriya-AS Saint-Étienne
  • Rangers FC Porto
  • Wolfsberger AC-Basaksehir
  • VfL Wolfsburg-AA Ghent
  • Wolves-Slovan Bratislava

Feyenoord-Young Boys · 21 minutes ago

Kickoff! It is a bit difficult to see because of the many smoke from the fireworks, but Feyenoord-Young Boys really started.

Feyenoord-Young Boys · 24 minutes ago

A few minutes later, Dick Advocaat will also make his debut as a coach for Feyenoord in a European context. It is the first home game for the team from Rotterdam since the experienced coach took over from Jaap Stam.

Feyenoord-Young Boys · 26 minutes ago

Lawyer: "You see they want to show it"
"You can tell from the group that they want to show it themselves. That's a good sign," FOX Sports trainer Dick looks ahead to the important Europa League duel with Young Boys. Lawyer recently said that he found the players group mostly on the quiet side. "We are talking about it with the staff and players. The win at VVV gives confidence. That is an annoying team that had not won for six matches."

Feyenoord-Young Boys · 29 minutes ago

We will continue to the last Dutch participant in the Europa League tonight. Feyenoord kicks off against Young Boys at 9 p.m. and has the support of an old acquaintance: André Bahia from the stands.

The Rock of Rio = here! 🇧🇷🗿 #feyyb #UEL

Avatar AuthorFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of places20: 48 - 7 November 2019

Europa League · 31 minutes ago

These are the results for the other duels in the Europa League:

  • APOEL-Qarabag 2-1
  • FC Basel-Getafe 2-1
  • CFR Cluj-Stade Rennais 1-0
  • Dudelange Seville 2-5
  • FC Copenhagen Dynamo Kiev 1-1
  • Krasnodar-Trabzonspor 3-1
  • Lazio-Celtic 1-1
  • Lugano-Malmö FF 0-0
  • Rosenborg-Sporting CP 0-2
  • Standard Liège-Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1

LASK-PSV · 32 minutes ago

This is the position in group D after the shocking defeat of PSV at LASK:

Rosenborg-Sporting CP 0-2

  • Sporting CP 4-9 (7-4)
  • LASK 4-7 (6-3)
  • PSV 4-7 (8-7)
  • Rosenborg 4-0 (1-8)
  • LASK-PSV · 36 minutes ago

    The negative series that underlines the malaise at PSV. We can now seriously speak of a crisis in Eindhoven.

    2013 - PSV have failed to win five consecutive games in all competitions for the first time since Dec 2013. Crisis.

    Avatar Author OptaJohan Moment of Places 20: 46 - 7 November 2019

    LASK-PSV · 38 minutes ago

    Daniel Schwaab goes on the receipt. The central defender started the duel with a well-used penalty kick, but after that the German didn't do much good anymore.

    LASK-PSV · 38 minutes ago

    PSV deeper in the worries after failure at LASK
    The malaise of PSV continues. The team of trainer Mark van Bommel suffers a shocking defeat in the group stage of the Europa League at LASK: 4-1. The Eindhoven team still have an early lead thanks to a striking penalty by Daniel Schwaab, but after halftime LASK expresses dominance in the score. It is the fifth game without PSE's victory in a row in the official game.

    LASK-PSV · 41 minutes ago

    89 'A chance for an empty goal for Cody Gakpo after a flashy acceleration by Bruma, but the striker misses the ball.

    LASK-PSV · 43 minutes ago

    87 'Exemplary for the black evening of PSV: Mohamed Ihattaren makes a foul in the penalty area of ​​LINZ and that is what the referee has in mind. Yellow.

    LASK-PSV · 44 minutes ago

    85 'The camera in Linz focuses on PSV's dug-out, where a defeated Mark van Bommel looks down. The trainer faces tough days in Eindhoven. PSV is not going to win for the fifth time in a row.

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    82 'GOAL LASK! 4-1

    It will not be a defeat, but a total humiliation for PSV. It also doesn't learn from his mistakes, because the fourth goal for LASK is an exact copy of the third. Daniel Schwaab has completely lost João Klauss again and the substitute heads in his second goal of the evening. It is really abominable what PSV shows in the second half.

    Feyenoord-Young Boys · one hour ago

    Some supporters of Feyenoord came up with a creative banner to welcome the new trainer Dick Advocaat in De Kuip, against Young Boys.

    🤔⏰ 9 p.m. FOX Sports 2 # ⃣ #feyyb

    Avatar AuthorFOX SportsMoment of places20: 30 - 7 November 2019

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    78 'GOAL LASK! 3-1

    Over and out for PSV, this will not be over. Substitute João Klauss may head in a free-standing cross from Reinhold Rantfl. No one from PSV is even close to him, the people of Eindhoven defend themselves like pupils.

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    76 'PSV tries to squeeze out a final offensive. First Bruma sees Schlager's legs stopping him, but a minute later Dumfries is not allowed to play because he is offside. It is all with the courage of despair.

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    Goal scorer Dominik Frieser and Reinhold Rantfl are going crazy. The two single-handedly reversed a 0-1 deficit into a 2-1 lead for LASK. They both benefit from shooter in PSV defense.

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    PSV completely hands over the game in a few minutes. Not that the people from Eindhoven are playing well, but the way in which they give away the goals will lead to the necessary anger and annoyance at Mark van Bommel.

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    64 'PSV's problems are almost getting worse. A Raduz header only just passed the wrong side of the post for LASK. The people of Eindhoven have completely lost it.

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    60 'GOAL LASK! 2-1

    There is still the lead for LASK and he is exemplary. Several PSV players lose the physical duel of their Austrian counterparts, after which Marvin Potzmann forces Jeroen Zoet to a rescue. The keeper must allow a rebound, which is utilized by the alert Dominik Frieser. PSV seems to be collapsing completely.

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    59 'It squeaks and it crackles again at the back of PSV. Rosario has to take a ball off the line to prevent the Eindhoven team from falling behind. Mark van Bommel's team is by no means above the crisis, that much is clear.

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    58 'Dumfries repairs the lead almost immediately. The deployment of the right back that came up just flies past. Gakpo lacks a toe length to tap the ball.

    FC Astana-AZ · one hour ago

    Boadu: "I try to make Koeman as difficult as possible"
    Myron Boadu has no hope of a place in the final selection of national coach Ronald Koeman. Due to injuries from Steven Bergwijn and Donyell Malen, there are gaps to fill in the forefront of Orange. The selection will be announced tomorrow. "It is not up to me if I need to be there. That is up to Koeman," says Boadu, who scored seven times in the Eredivisie, after FOX Sports played FC Astana-AZ (0-5). "I try to make it as difficult as possible for him. This time it didn't work out, so I report to the Juniors. Of course you want to show how good you are and you want to measure yourself against the best."

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    56 'GOAL LASK! 1-1

    PSV's breakthrough defenses are breaking up anyway and we cannot say that it is unexpected. The ball comes after Reinhoven Ranftl, after Eindhoven's fumbling, who immediately pulls it out. Jeroen Zoet shares in the malaise and sees the ball roll in through his hands. PSV's keeper could have had it.

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    In the point of the attack, Bruma does not forget Donyell Malen for the time being. The Portuguese has a particularly difficult time against the physically strong defenders of LASK and is hardly in the play.

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    50 'From a corner for LASK, the ball almost carambolizes into the goal via Zoet and Dumfries. The PSV goalkeeper found the ball just in time to avoid the goal.

    FC Astana-AZ · one hour ago

    No three goals for Myron Boadu, but three goals for AZ, captain Teun Koopmeiners gestures to the photographer in the dressing room. Boadu failed to complete his hat trick in the final minute, when he shot over for an empty goal.

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    46 'LASK and PSV have started the second half. Will the Austrian pressure become too much for the Eindhoven team in the second half, or can Mark van Bommel's team win the win?

    Europa League · one hour ago

    These Dutchmen are at the base of their foreign clubs for the late evening games in the Europa League:

    • Justin Kluivert (AS Roma)
    • Jeffrey Bruma (VfL Wolfsburg)
    • Wout Weghorst (VfL Wolfsburg)
    • Jeremain Lens (Besiktas)

    LASK-PSV · one hour ago

    An image that tells the story of the first half more than the position in between: a PSV player is physically challenged by a LASK player.

    LASK-PSV · 2 hours ago

    The PSV players are celebrating after the opening goal by Daniel Schwaab. The German's striking penalty is the only attempt on goal by the Eindhoven players in the first half and that actually says everything about this game.

    Europa League · 2 hours ago

    These are the rest positions at the other duels in the Europa League:

    • APOEL-Qarabag 0-1
    • FC Basel-Getafe 1-1
    • CFR Cluj-Stade Rennais 0-0
    • Dudelange-Sevilla 0-4
    • FC Copenhagen Dynamo Kiev 1-0
    • Krasnodar-Trabzonspor 2-0
    • Lazio-Celtic 1-1
    • Lugano-Malmö FF 0-0
    • Rosenborg-Sporting CP 0-2
    • Standard Liège-Eintracht Frankfurt 0-0

    LASK-PSV · 2 hours ago

    Peace! The teams go to tea in Linz. PSV leads 0-1 thanks to Daniel Schwaab, who hits the penalty spot in the fifth minute. In the remainder of the first half, LASK is attacking much more active than the people of Eindhoven, but Jeroen Zoet is not yet passed.

    LASK-PSV · 2 hours ago

    44 'Frieser produces something that stands between a shot and a cross. The bet curls a meter or two next to the goal of Zoet.

    LASK-PSV · 2 hours ago

    43 'PSV often lets LASK get to the penalty area. The Austrians are not the best team in the world, but also against them this cannot go well for long.

    Feyenoord-Young Boys · 2 hours ago

    The shirts, pants and socks are ready for the Feyenoord players, who kick off against Young Boys at 9 p.m.

    Red and white from Feyenoord. ♥ ️ #feyyb #UEL

    Avatar AuthorFeyenoord RotterdamMoment of places19: 31 - 7 November 2019

    Feyenoord-Young Boys · 2 hours ago

    Feyenoord with trusted eleven against Young Boys
    Feyenoord is taking on the trusted base eleven under trainer Dick Advocaat against Young Boys. Only Renato Tapia is a new appearance, he replaces the suspended Leroy Fer. For the team from Rotterdam only the victory counts to stay in the Europa League during the winter.

    Setup Feyenoord: Vermeer; Karsdorp, Ié, Van der Heijden, Haps; Toornstra, Tapia, Kökcü; Mountain house, Jørgensen, Sinisterra.

    Setup Young Boys: Von Ballmoos; Lotomba, Sorensen, Zesiger, Garcia; Fassnacht, Aebischer, Lustenberger; Assalé, Nsame, Ngamaleu.

    Rosenborg-Sporting CP · 2 hours ago

    38 'GOAL Sporting CP! 0-2

    Sporting CP can still rest in the armchair. Bruno Fernandes doubles the lead for the Portuguese in the PSV group and with that it seems to secure the victory over Rosenborg.

    LASK-PSV · 2 hours ago

    37 'PSV gets away really well there! After a deflected free kick, the ball lands at Frieser's feet. His efforts are eliminated with art and flight work by the Eindhoven defense. According to the Austrians a hand is used, but the referee doesn't want to know.

    LASK-PSV · 2 hours ago

    36 'Michorl takes a shot from a distance and sees his bet just swabbing over the intersection. In this way, PSV raises the misery about itself, because the ball only needs to fall for LASK once.

    LASK-PSV · 2 hours ago

    30 'LASK prevails in the first half hour. PSV knows little about the physical play of the Austrians, but remains defensive for the time being. After the penalty kick, however, the team from Eindhoven did not show anything anymore.

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