In the future, the German national football team wants to take greater account of the political and social situation in the host country when selecting international matches. "We have to go into discourse together within German football in order to answer complex questions in a differentiated way: which values ​​are non-negotiable for us, for example women's rights," writes the new DFB President Fritz Keller in a contribution to the world .

At its first Bureau meeting, it submitted a draft resolution "based on which we no longer allow national teams to play matches in countries where women are not granted equal access to football stadiums or other sports facilities without discrimination". This proposal was unanimously adopted by the DFB Presidency.

At the same time, Keller initiated a policy debate on the role of football. "We need an overarching basic consensus as a common constant basis for discussion in German football - so as not to be divided by those who want to misuse football for their own purposes," he wrote.

The likes of Can and Gundogan

Keller also referred to the hype surrounding social media likes of German international Ilkay Gündoğan and Emre Can surrounding the European Championship qualifier against Estonia. At that time, the two national players had favored a photo of Turkish footballers on Instagram, who saluted after the goal of Cenk Tosun to 1-0 in the game Turkey against Albania with the hand on the forehead. The Turkish footballers wanted to demonstrate their solidarity with the soldiers who were on duty in the internationally condemned military action of Turkey against the Kurdish militia YPG in northern Syria. Gündoğan and Can had withdrawn their likes after protests.

As a DFB president, he had deliberately decided to hold back with public statements, wrote Keller. "Because the topic is too important and serious for hectic rushes." Like many modern multiconfessional and multi-ethnic societies, not only in Germany, the DFB also has to grope its way tentatively. "

But at the "renewed discussion" Gündoğan and Can "not innocent," wrote Keller. "You have to deal sensitively with sensitive topics in social media as well. The DFB must, however, "critically question whether we deal with the subject to do everything right." In terms of integration, the association has made "a lot of things right" in recent years, but "also mistakes".

In his contribution, Keller also wrote that the "entire German society" was overwhelmed in the questions of how integration could succeed. "What can and must each and every one of us contribute to this, such as dealing with Turkey under Erdoğan? Against this background, it is too much to demand that just two football players with Turkish roots should present the perfect solution a whole country does not find. " There are no easy and no quick solutions.